Ere Perez cream blush – one of my favourites!

Cream blush is for sure one of my hero products, I’m always recommending them! I love them all year round, they’re great in winter when skin may be a little parched, but also then in spring for the perfect fresh flush. The Ere Perez Carrot Colour Pot is always at the top of my list.… View Post

Having fun with cream blusher..

Last week I had some fun shooting some beauty images with my great friend Khandiz for her brilliant platform Untainted Magazine. The theme for this issue is Icons and Iconoclasts, and the idea for this shoot stemmed from the fact that cream blusher is one of my iconic products. I use and recommend them so… View Post

New cream blushers in the kit..

The weather is definitely starting to get colder and the heating is getting cranked up, these two together always dry my skin out. This time of year I need to rethink my skincare to help boost my hydration levels, I also need to switch my make-up around too. I might introduce a hydrating primer or… View Post

(M)anasi 7 All Over Colour and Strobelighter..

I went into Content last week for some bits for my kit and came out with rather a lot.. my kit needed it though so it was justified. I did have a list and mainly stuck to it – you’ve got to be disciplined in that shop as there are far too many lovely things!! I… View Post

Spring blush and Ilia Multi-Sticks…

It’s official, today is the Spring Equinox so therefore winter is finally over.. we’ll pretend the weekend’s snow didn’t happen!! My skin is so over the cold weather, I can’t wait to get some seasonal spring-ness into it!! It definitely needs a little helping hand to give it a glow at the moment. I’ve been layering… View Post

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