The rise of conscious beauty

This is a piece I wrote for 1nstant.FR back in the summer to accompany a beautiful shoot I did with Karin Berndl. I haven’t posted on here for a while so thought this would be nice to share some thoughts on conscious beauty. Natural, green, clean, vegan, zero waste, sustainable – the types of beauty… View Post

Are you Beauty Recycling?

Hello and happy September, I hope you’re well. I’ve not posted for such a long time but thought this week would be a good time as 20-26th September is recycling week, and I’m quite partial to talking about recycling, especially beauty recycling 😉 Back in 2019 according to the Soil Association’s Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Market… View Post

Is your skin dry or dehydrated?

Dry or dehydrated skin – these are often thought of as the same thing, however they are different; dry skins are lacking oil and dehydrated skins are lacking water. They can both have similar issues and be effected by similar things, however they can require different help when it comes to skincare. A skin can… View Post

Why I love facial oils and how your skin could benefit from one too..

I’ve been a fan of a facial oil for a long time now. I find personally that they work really well for my skin – my complexion feels more nourished when I use one, and using one facilitates a lovely massage which in turn makes my skin fresher.  I love to use them for my make-up… View Post

Kosas Concealer review

I love this Kosas concealer. I’ve got it in my own personal make-up bag and think will get some more for my kit. Here are my thoughts on why I like it….

View Post

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