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Two New Odylique Foundations!

I’ve been so impressed with these new Odylique foundations. 

Formulating colour makeup products is incredibly hard to do well – especially certified organic ones.  

Great skincare is hard to do, but makeup is just that bit trickier – it needs to perform well in so many more ways. Makeup needs to have a smooth application, sit well on the skin, have longevity, the colours need to be good and the finish needs to be right. There are so many boxes to tick!

Most conventional brands will use silicones and other microplastics to give their products durability and long-wearing times. Certified organic products are not allowed these ingredients, this can make formulating that bit harder when people are wanting to have makeup that lasts all day, and especially tricky when it comes to things like waterproof makeup.

The silicones and other microplastics such as polyethylene, along with mineral oil which is another common ingredient, may give foundation staying power (as well as being cheap fillers); however they do not benefit the skin’s health as they lack nourishing properties and can clog pores if not properly cleansed. (Especially if they’ve been stuck on there for hours!)

Mainstream foundations also often contain fragrance and harsh preservatives that can cause irritation and worsen skin concerns, especially for those with sensitivity or conditions like rosacea. Using heavy foundation to cover up skin issues can create a cycle where the concern worsens, leading to continued reliance on heavy foundation – I’ve found this with many clients.

I am a makeup artist who is very much about looking after the skin. I don’t like products that just mask and sit heavy on the skin. I love to create glowing, natural healthy complexions and these new Odylique foundations can help to do that. They are like a bridge between skincare and makeup; doing the job of a great foundation but also addressing the needs of the skin. The foundations won’t just mask the skin or aggravate any concerns, they help to even out the complexion but also calm, heal and boost the skin at the same time. The natural skin shines through but also gives the wearer confidence. 

They go on beautifully, and stay well throughout the day too (all without microplastics!)

These Odylique foundations are suitable for all skin types but especially sensitive. They are fragrance free, silicone free and plastic free. Vegan and certified organic.


This water-free formulation is incredibly nourishing so really great for dry skins, including skin prone to eczema, rosacea and/or psoriasis. It contains 80% active botanical skincare ingredients which is brilliant compared to so many foundations being such a high percentage of silicones!! 65% of the formulation is organic.

Dry skins and those prone to conditions such as rosacea can be hard to navigate. As mentioned before makeup can aggravate them, but also when skin is dry, makeup can make it look more apparent. The makeup can get caught in the dryness.

This cream foundation is ultra nourishing and sits beautifully on the skin – even dry skin – it really is an extension of skincare. Use fingers to gently press it into the skin – as opposed to rubbing, which can disrupt/irritate the skin and get caught in the dryness. I like to use fingers as I find the warmth helps to settle it into the skin. It gives light to medium coverage, but you can build it up. It gives a gentle satin finish.

Like any foundation application, prep skin well underneath. Gently cleanse and moisturise well. Application is really important when it comes to foundation and will make a huge difference to things like longevity.

The foundation does have an SPF25 – but remember the protection will depend on your application. Can build coverage.


This foundation is water-based with aloe vera juice so it is calming, soothing and hydrating. 66% of the formulation is active botanical skincare ingredients and 65% are organic. (Water and mineral pigments cannot be certified).

I find this formulation is great for combination and more oilier skins. The texture is much more fluid and dries quicker on the skin, giving a lasting finish. Apply and blend section by section – as opposed to dotting a bit all over the face. You can use fingers, a brush or a damp sponge to apply.

It is very lightweight and feels great on the skin, you can build the coverage. It has a satin finish but with a bit more radiance than the cream. I’m normal/dehydrated and I love the finish, however with this one I find I need to prep my skin a little more underneath, otherwise it can show my dehydration. I find it sits really well over my SPF. You can also mix it with a moisturiser to make it more of a skin tint. 

(I’ve been asked about primers underneath it – blog post coming!!)

Odylique foundation colour range

There are 12 shades of each formulation which I’ve been impressed with – not too pink which foundations often are! 41 has a nice olive tone which is often quite rare.

You can purchase samples of all the colours in each formulation which is a brilliant way to try them.

Here I’m wearing the Natural Foundation in shade 20.

Have you tried either of the Odylique foundations yet? What did you think?

Let me know in the comments!