skin services and holistic facials

As a makeup artist, skin is an integral part of my job. It’s the canvas I work on, and whatever I apply to that canvas makes such a difference to how the makeup I do, will look and stay on. It’s not about having the perfect canvas by any means, but just knowing the right things to suit it, which in turn make everything else easier.

Skin can be difficult to understand at the best of times, even the calmest of skin can be temperamental. I’ve found over the years that many people find it tricky knowing the right products to suit theirs. Often a makeup concern is actually caused by a skincare issue not the makeup. That’s way I’ll always try and get someone’s skincare right before tackling their makeup.

I’ve been learning more and more about skin, and continue to do so. I’ve seen the difference it can make helping other women understand theirs. Sometimes just a simple product tweak can make the world of difference. It’s also of course other factors too, you can have the best skincare but if you’re not looking after yourself nutritionally, physically or mentally, then that will have an effect – on everything! It needs to be a 360 approach.