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makeup in the heat

Is natural makeup going to last in the heat?!

As we step into summer and welcome the warmer weather, the sunshine can really lift our spirits. However as the temperature rises, what does it do for our complexions.. Heat and makeup do not always go hand in hand, so how do we stay looking fresh during a heatwave?

I love to use natural and organic makeup formulations as I find they are great for our skin and also choose their credentials to help support the planet as well. Traditionally these types of products have had a little less staying power than their conventional counterparts. Most long-wear products that you find on the market will be full of silicones and microplastics, this unfortunately is what gives them their durability. Natural and organic formulations will not contain these which is why their wearing power can sometimes be less. There are now many ‘clean’ brands which almost sit in the middle – they have lots of the natural ingredients but still have some of the silicones which gives them a bit more wear. (Clean beauty has no legal definition so this can be a grey area – decide what is important for you and choose accordingly.)

Whether you choose to use silicones or not, there is a lot you can do with your skin prep, product choice and also product application to help your makeup last the day.

some tips to help your makeup last the heat

  • First things first is choosing the right skincare. Choose the products that are best suited for your skin. If you have an oilier skin and you choose a moisturiser that is too rich, on a hot day your makeup doesn’t stand a chance of staying on. It still needs hydration though, so don’t be tempted to skip this step. Not moisturising can actually result in a shinier face as your skin produces more oil to try and make up for the lack of water. In the hot weather, look for lightweight textures – hydrating serums, gels and sprays can be lovely to ensure skin gets its hydration without being weighed down.
  • Hydration is so key when applying makeup, especially if you are using foundation without silicone.
  • Layering a few lightweight layers of skincare can be more comfortable than one thick layer – this is great for drier skins too.
  • Make sure that your skincare is compatible with your foundation products; some ingredients will sit better on different ones. Leaving some time between applications can also help – let your skincare settle in first and then apply makeup.
  • A primer can really help with longevity, especially in the heat. Most ‘conventional’ primers however are full of silicones, while these can indeed help your makeup stay on for a longer time, I’m not a fan of using them everyday. I tend to keep these formulations for special occasions – days when your makeup really needs to stay on. RMS Beauty has a great primer which doesn’t contain silicone – I’ve got a review here.
  • Application is key when it comes to your foundation and concealer. Applying a few fine layers and working your base products into your skin, gives them a much better chance of staying on – as opposed to one thick layer which isn’t so great for longevity or finish. Really look at your skin too and only apply where needed.
  • Choose lightweight products in the heat, if you are going to get hot then this is going to be way better for your skin. Use products that allow your skin to breathe and to perspire, otherwise you might end up with summer pimples and get caught in that vicious circle of wearing more make-up (one of the reasons I’m not such a fan of silicones and mineral oil) Organic and natural make-up will contain lots of skin friendly plant oils, waxes, butters and botanical extracts etc that can actually help to balance skin. That said if you’re prone to acne sometimes coconut oil can be a little heavy for some especially in the heat.
  • Try BB and CC creams instead of heavier foundations and use concealer where you need fuller coverage. Mineral powders are actually really nice in the heat (Inika and W3LL PEOPLE are my favourites) as they have great staying power and help keep shine down, giving skin a controlled glow!
  • Shine is almost inevitable in the heat, and quite hard to completely beat; powder will give makeup extra staying power but within reason, too much can get cloggy. Rather than layering on more and more, try oil blotters to help control shine. A facial mist chilled in the fridge is a lovely way to cool down a hot complexion and will also refresh a tired mineral foundation, as opposed to applying more. Embrace the glow 😉
  • Powder formulations tend to last longer in general than cream formulations especially in the heat. I like to layer – for example a cream blush as your base colour but then set with a setting powder, followed by a powder blush. This is a great technique to help with dimension but also makeup longevity; a great technique when makeup needs to last a long time such as a bride.
  • Whatever makeup you’re wearing be sure to give your skin a good double cleanse at the end of the day. The first to remove makeup and SPF, the second to cleanse away grime, sweat and excess sebum. This will help keep skin fresh and minimise how much make-up you need anyway.

(Photography – Mike Blackett, Make-up – Me)

Do you wear make-up in the heat? What are your favourite tips for helping it last?

makeup in the heat
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