Vegan Beauty

Vegan beauty is on the rise, even without Veganuary (I wonder if any of have been doing that, hope it’s going well!) It’s such a huge trend that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. However I often find that it can get confused with organic and natural beauty; some people assume that because a product… View Post

Inika Eyebrow products…

Eyebrows are funny old things. They can really change a face – they can define an eye and add youth, they can also lay heavy and pull down a face, even making it appear angry. I wasn’t particularly blessed in the brow department, yes I’ve got them but they’re quite fair and sparse. I often… View Post

Ilia Clean Line Gel liner and Eye Primer (and some thoughts on silicone)

I’ve always said that it is the eyeliners and mascaras that are tricky to swap when ‘cleaning’ your kit. If like me, you have eyes that are easily irritated, liners and mascaras often run or get ‘itched’ off. For me personally, I can give my eyes a gentle clean underneath, but when making up a… View Post

New Inika Mascaras..

I’ve been such a fan of Inika’s Long Lash mascara since it launched a couple of years ago. It’s one that I wear myself and one that I recommend a lot, and then gets great reports back. I find that it makes my lashes nice and long and fuller, it also wears really well. It… View Post

New Lavera Foundations..

Lavera have had a bit of a revamp of their colour cosmetics range and have introduced 59 new products. There are new formulations, colours and new designs too – the new lip pencils for example are encased in cellulose instead of wood. Cellulose production is based on renewable raw materials such as sawdust, which I… View Post

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