Sharing some loved and well used skincare empties..

I get quite a bit of satisfaction from good skincare empties – sharing some of my recent ones that my skin has enjoyed!

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Cert Clean Clean Beauty Awards..

Last year I was on the judging panel for Cert Clean’s Clean Beauty Awards and it was great. It’s a really lovely way to find new products that perhaps wouldn’t normally be on my radar. Cert Clean is a North American beauty certification; their criteria isn’t whether the products contain organic or natural ingredients but…

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Pfeffer Sal facial..

On my wish list of things to do, a regular facial is always there (along with daily yoga) although neither happens that often!! So when I had a facial at Pfeffer Sal last week it was a real treat. I met Andrea Pfeffer when we were both on a panel talk at Reve en Vert…

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