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Sharing some loved and well used skincare empties..

These are some skincare empties that I have been collecting over the last I don’t know how long (it’s official I am a hoarder – I have more to write up but thought these were a good start!!) I usually share my empties on Instagram but this lot became too much so here is an impromptu post!!

To put them into context – I have quite balanced skin in terms of oil but am definitely dehydrated a lot of the time and my skin has been quite stressed. The products are a mix of PR gifts and bought myself.

skincare empties

(From middle clock wise)

First up Green People Age Defy Cream Cleanser – I really liked this creamy texture to gently cleanse skin – great coming into colder weather. I found it removed my make-up well. You can rinse with water but also wipe with cotton pads – I had this in my kit for a while and it worked well on so many skins. I see the packaging has changed since I had it which looks good).

Olixa Mushroom Facial Mist – this was my second bottle (both purchased by me) – I love it to refresh skin and under oils to help hydrate. My body and my skin seem to react well to anything with Ashwagandha in, it is in the mist to help calm and protect stressed skin.

Beauty Kitchen  Super Glow Active Mist –  a staple in my personal routine and my kit – again to refresh skin and under other skin care to help with hydration.

The Ermana Cleansing Oil and Hydration Spray I had quite a long time ago but remember loving them both. The oil cleansed well and was easy to remove (I remember using in summer time and it wasn’t too heavy) and the rose spritz was calming and refreshing. 

BYBI Acid Gold Mask – I loved this and will be getting again – I’ve used it practising my facials as well and it works well with different skins. My skin can sometimes be sensitive but this was comfortable to use and definitely brightened and smoothed my skin. (very sensitive might not like it).

Beauty Kitchen 5 Minute Miracle Mask – really lovely quick mask to help hydrate and brighten – I love that it is so quick – can use in the morning or before going out. My skin felt more rested after using.

Nourish Probiotic Multi-Mineral Repair Mask – one of my favourite masks to help calm and repair – sometimes I use this as an overnight treatment. My skin feels more nourished and comfortable, it helps to restore the skin barrier. Would be great after a reaction. I’ll be getting some more for my facials J

Athletia Cleansing Oil – I had this from The Beauty Shortlist Awards and I really liked it – easy to use and wash off – it removed all my make-up.

Zero Face Wash – this is a very simple cleanser that is nice and gentle – I used it on my young daughter a lot. I like the price point too.

I loved this Typology oil cleanser – lightweight and so easy to use, leaves skin clean and fresh. Must try more of this range!!

skincare empties

(From top left clockwise)

I made this lovely oil when at an Evolve Beauty event – I love an oil for my skin to do a daily massage as well as nourish.

Biossance Squalane + Vit C Rose Oil – this is my second bottle of this (the first for some awards and the second a PR gift) and my skin reacts really well with it. The squalane can be a little lighter than other plant oils and is very similar to our natural skin oils.

The Gherane Oil and serum, my skin absolutely loved – my skin was very stressed at the time of using and this range is geared towards stressed skin – I’ve written more here if you’re interested.

I’m a big fan of the Nourish range in general and these two moisturisers were really nice – both I’ve had before (gifted and bought myself).

The Whamisa Organic Flowers Water Cream was so nice – so lovely and light – probably not enough for me in the winter but perfect for any oily skins looking for hydration.

Typology Hyaluronic Acid Serum – really great, lovely and lightweight and helps with hydration. They’ve got some really lovely targeted serums to try..

Weleda Pomegranate Night Cream – my skin loves this range – geared for the over 40’s but can of course use in your 30’s and 50’s too! I’ll be switching to this again coming into the colder months.

Physiodermie – this range I tried again for the Beauty Shortlist Awards. I was really intrigued to try some organic ‘actives’ – the hyaluronic acid serum was good – did what it said. The Shot C15 is a Vit C serum which you activate yourself – I liked using it but felt I needed longer to really see any results – it stays ‘active’ for a month (keep in the fridge).

Therapi Ultra Radiance Cream – this is a beautiful cream – anyone who’s skin is feeling dry and tired could really benefit from this. It is quite a thick cream but it blends into skin well, leaving a lovely glow – use as a night cream but also as a protecting day cream too – you can use as a mask as well.

Susanne Kaufmann Hyaluronic Acid serum – this is such a lovely serum – it is pricey but you can feel the quality when you use it. Great for hydration and boosting skin – I was very sad for it to be empty!! 

Have you tried any of these – or fancy trying any of them?!

Let me know how you get on..