Pfeffer Sal facial..

On my wish list of things to do, a regular facial is always there (along with daily yoga) although neither happens that often!! So when I had a facial at Pfeffer Sal last week it was a real treat. I met Andrea Pfeffer when we were both on a panel talk at Reve en Vert… View Post

5 mins with Alex from NINI Organics..

Alex from NINI Organics is like a ray of sunshine, if you’re feeling low switch on his Instagram stories and you’re guaranteed to smile! Alex runs his skincare brand NINI Organics with his sister Nicole, the products really are wonderful – all lovingly hand made. The Natura Detox Foam is one of my favourite cleansers… View Post

Skin School – serums..

It’s almost been a whole year since I started a little series on here called Skin School (I hope that these posts will help you understand your skin bit more and help with all the amazing natural and organic beauty that is available now) – sorry for the long wait between posts – it’s scary… View Post

Skin School – cleansing..

This post is about cleansing, the first step in any routine and a crucial one too. Whatever your skin type, keeping it fresh and clean is paramount. Are you a double cleanse or a micellar water type of person?!

View Post

5 great ways to help you understand your skin

Without a doubt skin is hard to fathom; just when you think you’ve cracked it, something flares up or changes. Annoying as that is, it is actually one of the keys to understanding it a bit more. Accepting that our skin changes all the time, day to day, season to season, means that we can… View Post

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