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Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine – Challenge 1 and 2

Happy Spring ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t know about you, but I’m trying to give everything a bit of a spring clean. This is the perfect time of year to release and let things go. This is something I find quite hard – I’m definitely a hoarder, however the change in energy is so worth it. Everything feels lighter and fresher after a good clean and clear out.

The same is true with our beauty routines, especially after the depths of winter. Everything can feel a bit sluggish after those long darker months, I know my routine dips a bit as I don’t want to spend too long in a cold bathroom!

Coming into spring is the perfect time to shake and wake things up. I recently had a good sort through my skincare and it felt great. Decluttering my shelves enabled me to see exactly what I’ve got – what’s open, what’s empty, what’s almost empty. I’ve then been using up the last of things so that I can perhaps add some new things in as we head into the warmer months. This is also a great opportunity to check in with your skin – how is it feeling – is your current skincare working for it?

I wrote this Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine Challenge a couple of years ago but am republishing it now as it is the perfect time to do it. I hope you join in and have some fun with it.

So the first challenge to Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine is….

Today weโ€™re going to start the spring cleaning in your bathroom, your beauty shelf โ€“ wherever you keep your skincare stash! 

Get everything out and have a good look through what products you have. Ask yourself this about each one (be honest!)

  • Do I actually use this? When did I last use this? 
  • When did I open it? 
  • What does it do for me? How does it benefit my skin?

Dispose of anything past the sell by date – this can be difficult if you have lots left but the dates are there for a reason. Products will lose their efficacy and can of course go off, this is usually obvious but not always and can cause reactions. Recycle where you can. Here is a post to help you if you’re not sure where to take your empties..

Anything that is still in date but isnโ€™t suitable for your skin โ€“ can you gift to a family member or friend? Also think about ways you can use products differently if you need to eg if you have a facial exfoliant that is too abrasive for your face – could you use it on your body instead?

All the lovely products that are left, arrange nicely and make a commitment to use them to create a consistent routine. Try to resist buying anything new until youโ€™ve used them up – unless of course your skin is in particular need of something.

spring clean your beauty routine
My spring cleaned shelfie ๐Ÿ™‚

Top tip โ€“ make a note of the date whenever you open something new. Either put a sticker on it, or jot down in a notebook/notes app. Keeping track of products helps you use them at their best and avoids waste. 

Enjoy your spring cleaned bathroom ๐Ÿ™‚ (itโ€™s ok, you donโ€™t have to clean the actual bathroom!) Although actually that said, when I am cleaning the bathroom, I generally put on a face mask for a bit of multi-tasking!

Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine Challenge 2

This one is simple – give yourself a pampering facial using your newly sorted out skincare. Take the time to really enjoy the products you have and give your skin a treat. 

The change in season often brings a change in skin. Moving into warmer days of spring with less central heating is usually kinder, but take note of your skin each day, it will need different things. 

Top Tip – do your daily routine earlier in the evening so you can enjoy it (as opposed to quickly going through the motions before you fall into bed).

Are you going to spring clean your beauty routine? Have fun and let me know how you get on!!

Challenges 3 and 4 coming later in the week ๐Ÿ™‚