Why I love facial oils and how your skin could benefit from one too..

I’ve been a fan of a facial oil for a long time now. I find personally that they work really well for my skin – my complexion feels more nourished when I use one, and using one facilitates a lovely massage which in turn makes my skin fresher.  I love to use them for my make-up… View Post

Elle Mexico Green Beauty Expert Feature :)

I was so incredibly chuffed to be featured in Elle Mexico as their Green Beauty Expert for their green issue 🙂 Here are the fab questions they asked me..

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Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine – challenge 1 and 2

As we move into spring it is a great time to spring clean your beauty routine. Here are some fun challenges to help get you started!

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Plastic Free Beauty Day and hidden plastics

June 17th is Plastic Free Beauty Day, which is a day to highlight just how much plastic we use in the beauty industry. The global beauty industry produces over 142 billion units of packaging every year. Most of which from last year ended up in landfill or the ocean. According to the Soil Association’s 2019 Organic Beauty… View Post

12 tips to help create a green beauty routine

Starting to transition over to a green beauty routine can be quite daunting. There are so many products on the market now which is amazing, however it can be hard to work out what is right for you sometimes. I’m often asked what advice I would give for those wanting to switch over; I originally… View Post

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