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holistic facials

What is a holistic facial and what are the benefits?

A holistic facial is a non-invasive facial taking into account the individual as a whole. Whereas some facial treatments will focus on ‘fixing’ a skin concern with only a product for example, during a holistic facial we’ll delve deeper to help find the root cause and then support the skin in a number of ways.

A regular holistic facial can really boost your skin and help keep it clear and glowing. Stress and tension in the muscles and surrounding tissues can restrict the flow of blood and lymph, which can cause a myriad of concerns. Massage will boost circulation bringing more nutrients to help rejuvenate skin, whilst also improving lymphatic flow. Puffiness can be reduced, features become more defined and skin more luminous.

De-stressing and relaxing are a really key part of your skin care. Releasing tense muscles will help to soften the face and enliven the complexion. I also massage your chest, shoulders, neck and scalp, not only does this feel incredibly good, it will help you release and relax further and is essential work for radiant skin. By calming inflammation, we help to create happier, brighter skin.

Facials are not only beneficial for your skin but for your general wellbeing. Regularly taking the time out for some relaxation and self-care is important on so many levels. A holistic facial can aid sleep and promote a calmer state of mind by helping you activate your parasympathetic nervous system and come out of fight or flight stress mode.

If you have any skin concerns we can address them together. I can help you to understand your skin more, and give you advice for home care in-between sessions.

How often should you have a holistic facial?

It depends what your goals are. A one of treatment can be wonderful as a relaxing treat and you will reap many benefits from it. It can be a reset for the nervous system and particularly helpful during stressful periods of time.

However taking the time regularly is where the real magic happens.

If you have any skin concerns, making a facial part of your regular routine is when you will see and feel the real benefits. One facial can be amazing but is not a quick fix. Having regular holistic facials can really help improve the overall health and appearance of your skin. I can give you guidance to continue the good work at home, which is a key part of your facial routine.

I believe with any routine the best thing is consistency but also it has to be sustainable. Coming for a holistic facial every 4-6 weeks would be ideal, but it needs to fit with your schedule and your lifestyle. So whatever you can do, is great.

My little studio in Bromley/South East London is a place for you to come and feel safe to relax and unwind.

We can look after your skin but it can also be an essential part of your wellbeing. Each visit I will tweak the treatment according to what you need on that day. Read more about my different treatments here.

I’d love to have you here!

Here are some lovely comments from some of my clients.

I’m really passionate about skin and can’t wait to help you with yours. If you’re not local we can still have a great chat about your skin over zoom so please do shout if you’d like some help.

Any questions please comment below or get in touch. I’d love to hear from you.

holistic facials