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The Make-up Artist’s leading the Zero-Waste Beauty Revolution

I am so absolutely chuffed to be included in a Harper’s Bazaar feature on ‘The Make-up Artist’s leading the Zero-Waste Beauty Revolution’. To be alongside my great friend Crystabel Riley and Katey Denno – a US artist I greatly admire is amazing.

It’s such a great piece covering zero-waste in a pandemic, the intersection of Black Lives Matter and sustainable make-up, clean beauty and more. It’s a really great read, here is the link if you’d like to take a look. Thank you Ashley Simpson for covering it so well. Thank you to Crystabel and Katey too, for some great thoughts and new ideas.

A little snippet from me – On the power of clean beauty:

“I’ve seen the change and what can be done, so know it is possible to have products that work, but also respect the environment and those all along the supply chain making it,” says Dartford. “Beauty is such a big part of so many people’s lives but also a way that we can all individually help make change just by choosing where we put our money. There are so many amazing brands that really are doing good, why would you not want to support them? I’ve also seen the change in client’s skin when they have chosen products that are full of good, pure, plant-based ingredients as opposed perhaps to more mineral oil-based, for example.”

I absolutely loved what Crystabel said about Weleda and the bee-keepers in north-west Zambia. They’ve got an amazing relationship that respects all those involved. The question was in relation to the Black Lives Matter movement and the clean beauty industry. Yes it’s so important to support Black-owned beauty brands, but Crystabel so rightly pointed out that respect and support needs to go right the way along the supply chain to the very beginning for all brands.

“Clean beauty should be striving towards every element of the supply chain being respected and not subjugated.” Crystabel Riley

Let me know what you think of the piece!

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