Concealer 101 – part 3 – RMS Beauty Un Cover-Up organic concealer

The RMS Beauty Un Cover-Up organic concealer has been in my kit for years – it was probably one of the first, if not THE first natural concealer in my kit that actually worked. It is a classic in the green beauty world, and one of those that lures many people into said green world… View Post

Under eye concealer – quick masterclass..

Lots of people have been asking about under eye concealer recently; how to stop it creasing is a big question. I think that sometimes it is a case of too much product in the wrong place. I found this tip from Betty and thought I’d share again.. How do you apply your under eye concealer… View Post

The thing about concealer…

Concealer can be a life saver (in the make-up world obviously); it can hide a multitude of sins and be more hard working than a foundation. The important thing though is make sure you’re using the right concealer. There are many on the market, all with different textures and colours giving them different uses. When choosing one… View Post

W3LL PEOPLE Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer…

February 2018 UPDATE! Still love these and use them a lot. Still only 4 colours though..  I’ve long been a fan of W3LL PEOPLE, in fact they were the brand that made me look at mineral foundations in a different light. I had always found most powders just sat in lines and suchlike, making skin look… View Post

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