make-up tips for hooded eyes

When ever I do a make-up lesson, I always include follow up notes with diagrams to help explain things a little further. I’ve been doing a few virtual lessons recently and realised that I didn’t have anything specifically for different eye shapes. So I’ve been doing some more, starting with this one for hooded eyes.… View Post


I love a good highlighter – there is no denying the power of a good one – it can bring out features and brighten skin instantly. Unfortunately however, highlighter is also the one that if not used correctly, can be very unflattering. Hop onto Instagram and you’ll more than likely see someone applying a lot..… View Post

Hay fever eyes…

It’s that time again.. I don’t know about you but my eyes are definitely starting to itch… While there is no doubt it’s so lovely to see all the beautiful flowers and trees in bloom, I’ve also no doubt that the dread of hayfever is also starting to set in on the millions of people… View Post

Rediscovering eyeshadow..

I had a revelation last week about eyeshadow. I’ve decided that it makes my eyes look bigger, more defined and generally better – I know I know, I should know that!! As a make-up artist I put eyeshadow on other people a lot, and I talk about it and recommend it all the time. However,… View Post

Choosing foundation colours..

Choosing a foundation colour can be quite tricky, especially if buying in a department store as the lighting can be so rubbish. I don’t know why but sooo many brands – conventional and green – make their base colours pink. It frustrates me so much because they don’t actually work on that many people. Yellow… View Post

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