DIY face masks

I love a good face mask but you don’t always have to buy one. You can make your own DIY face mask from ingredients you have at home in your kitchen cupboard. I did an online session with Beauty Kitchen last month discussing just this.

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5 mins with Clean Beauty Co…

A few months back I did a workshop with Clean Beauty Co and it was great. Dominika and Elsie who are behind the brand, showed us that making your own beauty products doesn’t have to be long winded or complicated. If you haven’t heard of Clean Beauty Co yet, here they are in their own… View Post

Clean Beauty Co workshop…

Last week I spent such a lovely afternoon with the Clean Beauty Co at one of their skincare workshops. I am very much into skincare for myself and for my kit. The importance of a good routine is paramount to good make-up; we can use the best make-up in the world but if we’re not… View Post

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