Is organic food better for our beauty?

2020 UPDATE INCLUDED It’s Organic September 🙂 I’ve written so many things on here over the last few years about organic beauty and why I like to use it, personally and professionally, that I didn’t want to repeat myself! (I have re-used an image :)) So while I was thinking about what to write, I…

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Builder’s Tea V Hot Water and Lemon..

So I’ve decided to have a new category on the blog – Inside Out Beauty. Don’t worry I’m not going to start posting green smoothies – there are way to many people doing this well already. However I do think what you eat is so important and so closely related to beauty. My journey into…

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The Organic Pharmacy Antioxidant Face Gel and Serum..

  Antioxidants are always top of the list when it comes to talking about skincare and how we can protect our skin, but why? Free radicals are a by product of oxidation and it’s happening all the time to us, this is fine to an extent; it is when too many are produced that problems…

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