Get the look – Birdy at the BFI gala..

It is always such a pleasure to do Birdy’s make-up ๐Ÿ™‚ and it was lovely working with her again on Tuesday for the BFI gala to kick off their London Film Festival. She looked incredible in her stunning blue dress. Birdy has the most gorgeous alabaster skin and doesn’t need much foundation at all. I… View Post

New shoot for Volt Cafe…

This is a recent shoot for Volt Cafe that I wanted to share with you. It was really fun to work on, the photographers Packard Stevens sourced some wonderful props! The make-up was really minimal and all about the skin. Our prepped our model’s skin well with a cleanse using Nourish’s Skin Renew Cleanser and… View Post

More Girl on the Roof – get the look..

Here are three gorgeous girls from a recent project with photographer Sarah Cresswell and Elite models. All girls are wearing green beauty of course! ๐Ÿ™‚ This is Emily Unkles sporting an amazing lip colour by Burt’s Bees called Russet River. This is one of their new semi-matte lipsticks. I love these colours, they are really… View Post

Get the look – Ekaterina Kukhareva..

I just had a crazy few days of Fashion Week which was great. It is always so hectic and can be stressful, but it was so nice to do lots of different make-up. I have been teaching at AOFM for a good few years now and I really enjoy it, an extra bonus is that… View Post

Get the look – Milkie..

I shot a lovely story with gorgeous Milkie last week. Like her name suggests she has the most gorgeous milky skin and white hair.. Milkie has lovely skin anyway but it had been so cold that week, that even she needed some tlc. I prepped her well and massaged in Bodhi and Birch’s Neroli Luce… View Post

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