Fresh dewy skin – get the look..

I have had a few requests on how to recreate one of the looks I recently put on my Instagram. This is one of the looks I always love to create, fresh dewy skin, I never bore of it! It all starts with the skin. When choosing your skincare it must of course be suited… View Post

5 great ways to help you understand your skin

Without a doubt skin is hard to fathom; just when you think you’ve cracked it, something flares up or changes. Annoying as that is, it is actually one of the keys to understanding it a bit more. Accepting that our skin changes all the time, day to day, season to season, means that we can… View Post

Get the look – summer glow makeup

As I write this it’s raining, but it is such a nice break from the sweltering heat we’ve had (yes I’ve been the one moaning through it all!! Sunshine is obviously nice, but within reason please!!) Just because it is raining however, it doesn’t mean you have to lose your summer glow. We cheated a… View Post


I love a good highlighter – there is no denying the power of a good one – it can bring out features and brighten skin instantly. Unfortunately however, highlighter is also the one that if not used correctly, can be very unflattering. Hop onto Instagram and you’ll more than likely see someone applying a lot..… View Post

Winter skin Saviours for the Soil Association..

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and a great time bringing the new year in! I wish you so much love, health and happiness for 2018! We didn’t get a white Christmas but it’s certainly been cold (and wet). I don’t know about you but my skin is certainly paying the price… View Post

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