Fresh dewy skin – get the look..

I have had a few requests on how to recreate one of the looks I recently put on my Instagram. This is one of the looks I always love to create, fresh dewy skin, I never bore of it! It all starts with the skin. When choosing your skincare it must of course be suited… View Post

September’s Insta beauty tips…

September just kind of came and went, I feel like I spent most of it in a sleepless haze thanks to a certain two year old not sleeping. A lot of my #makeupmonday tips came much later in the week but they did come and here is a little round up. I hope they are… View Post

July’s Instagram make-up tip round up…

At the end of June I started a new feature on my Instagram page. As well as lovely images from shoots and product recommendations I wanted to make my feed a bit more interesting. I’m a make-up artist and I love teaching people about make-up application. I’d been asked before to give more tips on social… View Post

Anti-ageing make-up tips..

Everyone is looking for the anti-ageing answer it seems – I include myself in that I must say. Green juices, fancy serums, yoga, the list can go on and on. Much of it is a healthy lifestyle that we can all adopt to some degree; however there are things we can do for an instant… View Post

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