Benecos Coffee and Cream Quattro Eyeshadow..

I love this Benecos Coffee and Cream eyeshadow quad; it is my personal go-to eyeshadow at the moment. (a certain little helper likes it too..) I love that it is so versatile – the four colours give you lots of scope for different looks, and all very wearable. The palette is universal too, and would…

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Rediscovering eyeshadow..

I had a revelation last week about eyeshadow. I’ve decided that it makes my eyes look bigger, more defined and generally better – I know I know, I should know that!! As a make-up artist I put eyeshadow on other people a lot, and I talk about it and recommend it all the time. However,…

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Kjaer Weis..

Throughout Kirsten Kjaer Weis’s career as a make-up artist she found that so many of her clients were having allergies to beauty products. The fact that this was acceptable seemed crazy to her, also the fact that these were only short term effects – what about the long term affects of using these products? Growing…

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