Make-up update?

I really love giving beauty advice and offer consultations to those who would like to green up their beauty routine. I enjoy passing on knowledge and power so women can make informed decisions about what to put on their face and bodies. Within that consultation I also offer make-up lessons – giving advice on application… View Post

12 tips to help create a green beauty routine

Starting to transition over to a green beauty routine can be quite daunting. There are so many products on the market now which is amazing, however it can be hard to work out what is right for you sometimes. I’m often asked what advice I would give for those wanting to switch over; I originally… View Post

Cert Clean Clean Beauty Awards..

Last year I was on the judging panel for Cert Clean’s Clean Beauty Awards and it was great. It’s a really lovely way to find new products that perhaps wouldn’t normally be on my radar. Cert Clean is a North American beauty certification; their criteria isn’t whether the products contain organic or natural ingredients but… View Post

5 mins with Alex from NINI Organics..

Alex from NINI Organics is like a ray of sunshine, if you’re feeling low switch on his Instagram stories and you’re guaranteed to smile! Alex runs his skincare brand NINI Organics with his sister Nicole, the products really are wonderful – all lovingly hand made. The Natura Detox Foam is one of my favourite cleansers… View Post

Ilia Clean Line Gel liner and Eye Primer (and some thoughts on silicone)

I’ve always said that it is the eyeliners and mascaras that are tricky to swap when ‘cleaning’ your kit. If like me, you have eyes that are easily irritated, liners and mascaras often run or get ‘itched’ off. For me personally, I can give my eyes a gentle clean underneath, but when making up a… View Post

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