Garnier, the Soil Association and Organic Beauty..

The market of organic beauty can be a confusing one, especially for those who aren’t quite sure exactly what they are looking for. Having a logo on products that are certified organic, makes it so much easier for the consumer – certification is a great thing there is no doubt. So it was very interesting… View Post

Winter skin Saviours for the Soil Association..

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and a great time bringing the new year in! I wish you so much love, health and happiness for 2018! We didn’t get a white Christmas but it’s certainly been cold (and wet). I don’t know about you but my skin is certainly paying the price… View Post

Organic make-up wipes by Natracare..

I always remember one client I had, who on first meeting did not have great skin at all. I asked her what she was using, to which she replied wipes – I waited for more of an answer but nothing came, she was just using wipes. Ah, I said, skin condition explained. Yes, wipes definitely… View Post

organic certification…

So if a beauty product is certified organic, what does it actually mean? There are many certifying bodies, each with their own criteria. The Soil Association is the UK’s largest organic certification body. To bear their logo a product must adhere to their strict standards. These were brought in for beauty products in 2002, due to… View Post

Organic Beauty Week #campaign4clarity

Each Organic September, Organic Beauty Week is getting bigger and better. This year it starts today, and as well as encouraging people to change their beauty regimes, the Soil Association have launched their Campaign For Clarity in a bid to help stop greenwashing in the beauty industry. Organic beauty is becoming more and more popular, so… View Post

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