Soil Association’s Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week – One Small Swap..

Today sees the start of the Soil Association’s Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week. This week is to encourage the use of organic beauty in your routine to help you and the planet. The campaign is encouraging just one simple swap to make the world of difference.. When you first start to learn about organic beauty,… View Post

Recycle Your Beauty Routine..

Recycling is confusing at the best of times. To recycle your beauty routine can be even harder. It can be so hard for the consumer knowing what to do, but it is also hard for the businesses trying to do the right thing. Packaging is such a tricky business, it can be very hard to… View Post

Creating a more sustainable beauty routine..

I saw a shocking statistic that our beauty regimes are responsible for 30-40% of landfill. How accurate that is I don’t know, but it certainly makes you think. There is so much information now about the planet, plastics, waste; while this awareness is essential, it can be overwhelming and hard to know how we as… View Post

TerraCycle and beauty recycling..

I’m such a hoarder, I find it really hard to throw things away. As well as those ‘just in case’ things, I also have loads of ‘I just don’t know what to do with’ things. I’ll keep things because I can’t bear the thought of them landing up in landfill, even broken things or old… View Post

5 Mins with Eco Blogger and Zero Waste Expert Kate Arnell..

As we almost step into July, will you be choosing to go plastic free? That is exactly what Australian charity Plastic Free July is challenging us to do – ‘Choose to Refuse’ single use plastic during July. I tried it last year and I actually found it very hard, frustrating, infuriating, impossible… I thought that I’d always been… View Post

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