Spring blush and Ilia Multi-Sticks…

It’s official, today is the Spring Equinox so therefore winter is finally over.. we’ll pretend the weekend’s snow didn’t happen!! My skin is so over the cold weather, I can’t wait to get some seasonal spring-ness into it!! It definitely needs a little helping hand to give it a glow at the moment. I’ve been layering… View Post

Choosing foundation colours..

Choosing a foundation colour can be quite tricky, especially if buying in a department store as the lighting can be so rubbish. I don’t know why but sooo many brands – conventional and green – make their base colours pink. It frustrates me so much because they don’t actually work on that many people. Yellow… View Post

Organic Make-up Masterclass with The Soil Association..

Last week was the Soil Association’s Organic Beauty and Wellbeing Week celebrating all things organic, while promoting the importance of organic certification. On Friday evening Imelda Burke of Content Beauty and I gave a masterclass in organic and natural make-up at their pop-up shop in Shoreditch. We took part in a panel discussion to start… View Post

Under eye concealer – quick masterclass..

Lots of people have been asking about under eye concealer recently; how to stop it creasing is a big question. I think that sometimes it is a case of too much product in the wrong place. I found this tip from Betty and thought I’d share again.. How do you apply your under eye concealer… View Post

Highlighting tips…

I was recently asked for some highlighting tips for Brides.com but they are relevant for anyone who wears a highlighter – which in my experience is a lot of women. There is no denying the power of a good one – it can bring out features and brighten skin instantly. There of course however good… View Post

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