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Elle Mexico Green Beauty Expert Feature :)

I was so incredibly chuffed to be featured in Elle Mexico as their Green Beauty Expert for their green issue – thank you for having me!

For those of you that don’t speak Spanish – I don’t, here are the original questions and my answers in English 🙂

1. What advice would you give to someone who wants to get into green beauty but doesn’t know where to start?

I would say to introduce new green products as your other ones run out rather than trying to buy lots of new stuff straight away. This helps to take the overwhelm away – looking for one product is easier than looking for loads. It also helps you to understand what is working for you and what isn’t. One product at a time is also a great way to try brands; you can get to know them and their values and also whether they suit your skin!  I’m also a great believer in using everything up before buying new – the very basics of sustainable beauty.

2. When looking into green cosmetics, what do you look for? How do you avoid brands that are simply green-washing?

It can be really tricky as some of the marketing can be so confusing. Looking for logos can help when you’re first starting out – for example a certified organic logo from someone like the Soil Association (a UK certifying body) or COSMOS ensures the product really is what it says it is. I also look on the brand’s websites for information – these can be really telling about them. If they make lots of green claims in their advertising but then don’t back it up on their website, it’s often a sign that there is green washing going on. Emailing brands and asking questions is a great way to find out more too.

3. Green beauty brands can be quite expensive, how do you decide which products/brands are worth it?

Such a tricky question. Green beauty does tend to be quite expensive – although there are some great budget brands, and hopefully there should be more as it becomes more and more popular.

Genuine green beauty brands will use high quality plant-based ingredients as opposed to cheaper mineral oils and synthetic fillers, so therefore will be higher priced. Many will also ensure they’re paying fair wages to the farmers and workers. Responsible packaging can also come with a higher price if it is new technology for example. I think it’s about deciding where you want to put your money – we really can make a difference with our wallets.

Of course the product has to work – some brands will provide samples so this can be great before investing in an expensive product.

I think it also comes down to buying less – investing in 2 lipsticks that you know you’re really going to wear, as opposed to 4 cheaper ones of which only one gets worn. I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of buying colours that fall to the bottom of our make-up bags and stay there! 

4. How can we achieve super glowy, dewy, and natural makeup?

I think really prepping the skin well before make-up is so important. Regular gentle exfoliation can help with radiance. I love to use an oil under foundation but also will mix a drop into foundation to help with application and give a lovely glow too. BYBI’s Strawberry Booster is wonderful for this kind of look. I don’t put foundation everywhere, I really love natural skin to show through, so the skincare underneath is important.

5. Bare lips look super cool, what are your tips to make them look plumpy and hydrated but not overloaded with product?

I love a gentle lip scrub to help remove an flakes or dryness and then a really great lip balm. I avoid anything with mineral oil – I find these can make lips feel good but often end up with the lips needing more and more product. Look for things with nourishing plant oils and butters. The Twelve Beauty Hyaluroil Lip Treatment is wonderful to give lips a boost.

6. Is there a way to achieve a foundation look that covers up all the imperfections but still looks like skin? How do you cover up pimples?

Yes for sure, I think the thing with foundation is often people think it has to go everywhere, but it doesn’t. I always encourage people to really look at their skin and just put coverage where they need it. I like to work in layers, so a very lightweight layer first that lets the skin show through, and then build it up where the skin needs it – using fingers to pat it into the skin so it becomes part of it, rather than just ‘sitting’ on it.

A lot of the time I’ll skip foundation and just conceal where needed. I often find that if someone has a lot of blemishes they’ll do a heavier coverage all over, but I like to do lightweight all over and then cover each blemish individually – it can take longer of course, but I find it can look more natural. I like to use a small brush to cover pimples and again use the layering method. For a stubborn spot, I would do a small amount of loose powder between layers as well, this helps with longevity but also gives the concealer something to hold onto and can increase coverage and power.

7. We love the way you use blush in your beauty looks, what are your top tips when it comes to blush?

Thank you!  I love a cream blush and love to use it up and along the cheekbones to help lift a face. I find a cream blush looks more natural than a powder formulation as it becomes part of the skin – as opposed to sitting on it. Cream blush can be used on a bare skin or over foundation – I like to use fingers to apply and blend creating that glowing from within look. I’ll often layer powder blush over the top of I want to add intensity or provide more longevity. 

8. What’s your favourite trick to get eyeshadow to last perfectly set for longer?

Using a setting powder underneath can help or an eye shadow primer – these are definitely harder to come by in the natural world. The primers that work tend to be silicone based but silicone is questionable for sustainability and many green brands avoid. I’m careful with my use, but when I need it will use Ilia’s eye shadow primer. Also when applying your skincare don’t take it onto the lid, and avoid oil rich foundations or concealers on there. 

9. How can we achieve a glowy look that looks beautiful in pictures instead of greasy?

It can be a fine balance between glow and grease! I find blotting papers really useful in absorbing excess oil, they’re perfect for quick touch ups on the go. Also a good quality powder that takes away shine without matting skin too much – I really like the Absolution powders.

10. What are some of your favourite green beauty brands?

I love the Kjaer Weis in particular their foundations, eyeshadows and nude lipsticks. I’m a big fan of the Absolution concealers and lipsticks. The Ere Perez colour pots are favourites of mine and I love their Oat Milk foundation too. Inika are fab, I love their mascara. I’m currently trying the new Kosas concealer and love it, their powder blushers are staples in the kit. I love the Manasi 7 colour pots, also a big fan of RMS. There really are so many now.

What are you favourite green beauty brands?