Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine – challenge 3 and 4

I hope you’ve been enjoying your spring cleaned skincare from challenges 1 and 2 🙂 Here are your next challenges to freshen up your beauty routine.

Challenge 3 is to spring clean your make-up bag (and anywhere else you keep make-up)

Like you did for your skincare, get everything out and have a good look through what products you have. Ask yourself this about each one (be honest!)

  • Do I actually use this? When did I last use this? 
  • When did I open it? 
  • What does it do for me? 
  • Does it make me feel good?
  • How does it benefit my skin?

Dispose of anything past the sell by date – I know this can be hard, but the efficacy will be lost over time and out of date products can cause reactions. Recycle where you can – I’ve just dropped a lot of to the Maybelline Terracycle scheme at my local Superdrug. Another great initiative is Cos Watercolours, where the brilliant Ameenah turns out of date make-up into watercolour paint!

Anything that is still in date but isn’t suitable for your skin or you’re definitely never going to wear – can you gift to a family member or friend? 

The rest file nicely 🙂 I’ve got a small bag where I keep my everyday essentials and then a bigger box for my other bits (that I will be trying to wear more – see challenge below!!)

spring clean your beauty routine
my streamlined make-up bag 🙂

Spring clean your beauty routine challenge 4

Perhaps in the sorting of your make-up, you might have found some forgotten gems or maybe something you bought but have never used. Your challenge is to put some make-up on but wear a different look to what you usually do. I don’t know about you but my make-up has been pretty lapse these last few weeks – now there is absolutely nothing wrong in not wearing or wanting to wear make-up, but I know that I feel better when I have done it. So I shall be doing the challenge too!

To take that further, try different looks for the next 3 days. Treat this as a really fun exercise – it’s a really nice way to try something new and freshen up your look. Something as simple as a coloured eyeliner can really brighten things up. If you don’t like it, wash it off – that’s the great thing about make-up. I always remember when I assisted a great make-up artist called Yasmin Heinz, she was so encouraging and didn’t mind if we got it wrong – she just said no probs we can take it off! Great philosophy for make-up, it should be fun and is a great way to lift our mood.

Here some links to some videos I have done including a flash of coloured eye liner which might give you some inspiration.

Top Tip – don’t forget to wash your brushes!!

Let me know how you get on!!


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