SPRING Beauty!

spring beauty
shot by Felicity Ingram, make-up by me 🙂

At last spring is here, giving everyone a little more hope and bounce to their step. The spring flowers popping up are a very welcome sight; after the depths of a loooong winter we can all feel a little jaded. Central heating, cold winds and too much builder’s tea (definitely speaking for myself here..) oh, and a pandemic – can take their toll on our complexions, leaving us feeling lacklustre and tired looking. Dehydration can make finelines become more apparent and dark circles are also commonplace in the winter season. No wonder we can’t wait for the longer warmer days.

Sometimes when our skin isn’t going quite to plan, the temptation of heavier foundations can lead us into more trouble. It is true that in winter skin can benefit from richer skincare formulations, however heavier make-up products can make skin concerns look worse, they can also exacerbate issues. Spring means a fresh start so first thing’s first, ditch any full coverage foundations for lighter textures. I see so many women wearing heavy faces of make-up and more than often they don’t need it.

I always use something lightweight even if someone is suffering from acne for example. This will even out the skintone without masking any natural radiance from areas of the face that are in good condition. Ere Perez’s Oat Milk Foundation is a long standing favourite, it enhances skin but also has buildable coverage. I’m also loving the new Kjaer Weis foundations and the original Cream Foundations, these give a nice coverage but can also be lightened up with a moisturiser. In fact any foundation can – mix in some of your regular cream and voila, instant tinted moisturiser. For more on foundations check out this brilliant post by my friend and fellow MUA Sjaniel..

I then go in with a concealer and add extra coverage just where needed, for example under the eyes and blemishes. Keeping it minimal means that more of the natural texture of the skin is kept, and ultimately the complexion looks fresher. Some of my current favourites here… I’m also loving the new Kosas one too.

If your skin isn’t quite in the condition you’d like it to be, give it a helping hand with a skin brightener or a primer. I love Vapour Organic Beauty’s Soft Focus Skin Perfector primer; use it on it’s own or under make-up to nourish and protect skin but also to brighten and blur lines and other things we might not be so keen on. Inika’s hydrating primer is also great for a boost under make-up, as is BYBI Beauty’s Strawberry Oil – it isn’t a primer but I find it works super well under make-up.

Blusher is your best friend when it comes to giving a spring look. Cream versions are my favourite as they give that glow from within effect. Also brilliant if you literally have two minutes to do your make-up, they’ll brighten instantly. Some of my current kit favourites here.. A fresh new lip colour is also such an easy way to shake up your look for the new season.

cream blush
Ere Perez colour pots

Give the rest of your beauty regime a spring clean too, it doesn’t have to mean an expensive overhaul though. Simply taking a few things out and adding a few things in can make a big difference. As the seasons change, the elements become kinder on our skin so it makes sense to change things up.

An exfoliator is a welcome addition to any skin at any time of year, however spring seems like an apt time to add one in, revealing new skin and all. Be gentle though, you can definitely over exfoliate, here is a post explaining it more. A mask is also great to perk up a winter-weathered complexion. Choose both according to your skin type, I’m really enjoying Evolve’s Radiant Glow Organic Face Mask. It’s a gentle scrub and mask in one and my skin definitely feels brighter after using it – also a quick choc fix if you’ve given chocolate up for lent!! 🙂

Oils are fantastic for the skin and can be used all year round; go for a lighter texture as the temperature starts to rise. My skin also definitely benefits from a serum with hyaluronic acid – the Nourish ones are long term favourites. Their Radiance Rejuvenating Peptide Serum is a bargain at ÂŁ23 and one I buy again and again. I’m currently using Typology’s Plumping Serum and I’d recommend it for sure.

Changing up your beauty routine is a great way to give your skin a boost, but switch things in one at a time. If you change everything at once you won’t know what is working for you and what isn’t. What one skin likes, another might not – beauty is definitely not one size fits all. Give things a chance too, these days everyone wants quick fixes but it can actually take a few weeks to see the difference in a new skin regime. Take your time, listen to your skin and you’ll soon have that spring glow about you.

What are your favourite spring beauty tips?