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nude lips


Nude lips are often seen as an easier option compared to a bright lip. A nude lip can feel less daunting for sure, however finding the perfect nude can actually be really tricky. A coloured lipstick can work wonders at brightening up a tired face, the wrong nude can take away too much colour from the lips and drain the face. That said there are some wonderful nudes out there that can complete your look and make you feel great. The maintenance of a nude lip throughout the day is easier (especially under a mask!)

Tips for nude lips

  • Don’t think about blocking out colour completely – something with a hint of colour can help to brighten. Look at your natural lip colour, a nude with a hint of pink for example can be great. A hint of peach or a warm brown – just something so the nude isn’t flat and unflattering.
  • A layer of a gloss or balm with a hint of colour over the top can be great to lift a nude.
  • Another thing to think about is the distance at which you will be seen. For example a wedding – a nude might look great close up but how will it read in a photograph? Nude lips can often be ‘lost’ in a photo so check how your colour works in different situations.
  • If you are going quite nude, think about adding some colour on the cheeks to lift and brighten that way.
  • A lip pencil can be a great option for a nude lip – use it to enhance your lip shape and add strength without adding colour. A layer of balm over the top will stop it looking dry.

I recently worked on this lovely story for No Reply Mag – I also wrote a piece on micro plastics within make-up if you fancied a read.

Photography Alisa Connan Hair Carolina Crona

On Blythe I used Tropic Kiss Me Quick lipstick in Lush Lychee muted down with a little concealer.

On Olamide I used Kjaer Weis lip pencil in Rich with a balm pressed on top.

On Nellie’s lips I used Kjaer Weis Saturate lip pencil and Nude Naturally Lipstick in Effortless, softened slightly with concealer.

On Latifa’s lips I used Avril’s certified organic lip pencil in Nude

On Dylan’s lips I Used Green People’s Damask Rose in the centre to emphasise his natural colouring. (I’ve seen these lipsticks are to be discontinued which is a real shame)

Some of my other favourite nudes include the Kjaer Weis nude collection as it caters for all skin tones. I’ve used a couple of their pencils above too. I’m currently enjoying Absolution’s new vegan formulation in Rose Nu as a nice easy to wear option.

Have you got a favourite nude?

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