12 favourite green beauty gems from 2020

Thank you to everyone who got involved in my 12 Days of Christmas. I hope you enjoyed the posts. Thank you so much as well, to the brands who very kindly supported my idea and provided the giveaways – products and knowledge! 🙂 It felt like a really nice way to celebrate and share some of the great green beauty that I am very lucky to try. I even braved a few live chats which were definitely learning curves!! I thought I’d do a little round up on here.

Day 1 was Weleda who are one of my favourites – their new Pomegranate oil is so nice and the Pomegranate day cream has been a favourite of mine for a while. I use them on their own but also mixed together in the mornings sometimes if I’m short on time. My daughter helped me make this top tip 🙂 Got a post in the pipeline too for winter skin…

Day 2 – This was the most beautiful soap from Skin Alchemists. These artisan soaps are so lovely for skin; they’re packed full of beautiful skin friendly ingredients such as organic extra virgin oliveoil, coconut oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, sunflower oil and castor oil these artisan soaps are hand poured, cold pressed and then cured for 8 weeks, they are a real treat for skin and made with love! They also last a long time and keep their shape well!! 

Day 3 – I spoke to the brilliant Katie from re:lax about skin and stress. I did my facial training with Katie back in January and it was a highlight of the year. She really is so knowledgeable about all things skin and nutrition. Here is the link if you fancy a watch.

Day 4 – I shared a video with some tips on wearing red lips – something I definitely shy away from but encourage other people to do!! I used my favourite red from Absolution. I’ll do a separate post on red lips soon but here is the video if you fancy a watch..

Day 5 – This was Odylique – I love this British Organic skincare brand and am a big fan of their balms.

Day 6 was Rosalena skincare – definitely one of my favourite things this year was discovering their Magic Mushrooms. I had a chat with Helena from the brand discovering more about them. Here is the link should you fancy a watch.

Day 7 – This was Nourish and one of my favourite serums ever – the Radiance Rejuvenating Peptide Serum I’ve been a fan of this serum for a few years now, and included it in a video not that long ago. It really just makes my skin a better version of itself – it’s perfect if your skin is feeling a little dull and stressed, great for the festive season!! Certified organic and vegan too.

Day 8 – I threw it back to the beginning of the year and a great shoot with BYBI which is always a fun day working with one of my favourite brands doing loads of lovely skin prep which I love. The Strawberry Booster is an absolute favourite of mine – I love to use it under make-up for a dewy glow but also mixed into make-up to help it glide on and create a glowing base. The Bakuchiol Booster is also a favourite – use this at night mixed into your other favourite skincare to help smooth skin texture.

Day 9 – I had a wonderful chat with Nadira V Persaud talking face massages and her brilliant book – Press Here Face Workouts For Beginners. It was a really interesting chat if you fancy a watch 🙂

Day 10 – This was the Beauty Kitchen who I’m a big fan of and I’ve been recommending their SOS Skin Shield to everyone recently. It is so good under masks to help with skin irritation and maskne.

Day 11 – This was Kyushi Skincare which is a lovely brand founded by fellow green make-up artist Alice Moore. Alice is also skin care expert offering guasha massage and facial reflexology. I did a feature on her back in April.

Day 12 – I couldn’t not include Benecos – their quad eye shadow palette is such good value for money and shows that green beauty can be affordable! It has been a long standing go to for me, and something I recommend a lot.

Thank you so much again. Wishing you all a very happy and restful festive break.


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