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zoom make-up

Zoom make-up

I know I’m probably a little late with this topic but as the zoom meetings are set to continue, I thought I’d post it anyway! I recently did a make-up lesson via Zoom and the emphasis for the lesson was zoom make-up. My client was going to be on screen for lots of meetings so wanted to learn about the best skincare and make-up for her.

Some of my top tips were –

Definitely the light you use makes such a huge difference. In the video below I’m in my bathroom with a strong make-up light very close to me – for a zoom I would be further away from the light if using. When doing lessons I always try and do them in natural light – I sit in front of a big window so the light is even and coming from above rather than below which can cause shadows. I do have a ring light which I will use in poor lighting, and I position that as if it were light coming in from the window.

You don’t have to wear loads of make-up for Zoom – I want to look healthy and awake so I prep my skin well with skincare to give it a nice glow. In the video below I talk about radiance serums from Nourish and Ilody, I also mention the Nourish Illuminating Face Shimmer. I’m definitely on the dehydrated side so don’t tend to bother with powder, however if you’re more oily and worried about shine, be wary of anything too shimmery down your t-zone and powder where needed.

I love a blush for all occasions!! If you’re feeling zoom fatigued – I think it’s a thing now – then a little blush on the cheeks and up along the cheek bones is an instant brightener. Dab some moisturiser or balm along the high points of the face to refresh and brighten skin too.

The quickest thing for eyes is a lash curl and then mascara – this will do loads to open and define eyes. I really like a gentle contour in my socket line to help lift and open too – here’s a link to a video I did on socket lines..

If you have more of a hooded eye then here are some tips for you too..

I did a video of me doing my make-up for the lesson which I hope you enjoy and find helpful.

And the products I used..

zoom make-up

I hope it was helpful to you, let me know your thoughts. How do you do your Zoom make-up?

zoom make-up