Why I love talking about skin and skincare

As a make-up artist, skin is an integral part of my job. It’s the canvas I work on, and whatever I apply to that canvas makes such a difference to how the make-up I do, will look and stay on. It’s not about having the perfect canvas by any means, but just knowing the right things to suit it, which in turn make everything else easier. On a shoot I’m only looking after that skin for that day, but I love giving advice on how people can make a difference to their skin long term. Also if I’m working with a regular client, then that’s part of my job to help their skin and skincare if they need it.

I find that many women don’t understand their skin very well. This then means that they’re often using products that don’t suit their skin. A lot of the time make-up issues such as foundation not lasting, can be linked back to skincare, rather than the foundation – of course it can be the foundation too.

There are so many different brands of skincare available now, with lots of different advice, making it very confusing for some people. We’re also bombarded with new releases, trying to convince us that we need them; that they’re the answer to our concerns. Sometimes they might well be, but what suits one skin, can be completely wrong for another. We also don’t need a million step routine, although it can be tempting!

I’ve always loved skin, and now I’m learning more and more about it. A few years ago I trained in Indian Head Massage, and then more recently Natural Lift Facial Massage, Acupressure Facial Massage and facials. I’m incorporating these into my make-up work, but also eventually I’d love to have a day a week in clinic doing them properly. I’m currently developing this so watch this space 🙂

I want to understand skin more as I’ve seen the difference it can make helping other women understand theirs. Sometimes just a simple product tweak can make the world of difference. It’s also of course other factors too, you can have the best skincare but if you’re not looking after yourself nutritionally, physically or mentally, then that will have an effect – on everything! It needs to be a 360 approach.

So just explaining why I love to talk about skin and skincare a lot! Looking after our skin can be part of a lovely self care regime which can help us in many ways, it’s also the foundation to the best make-up.

If you have any skincare questions than please shout! Or please let me know anything you’d like me to cover on the blog.

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