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coloured eyeliner

Get the look – flash of coloured eyeliner..

A simple flash of coloured eyeliner along the top lash line is such an easy look to do – it brightens the face, adds fun and also has good staying power if applied well so shouldn’t sweat off in the heatwave!

This is a look I did for BYBI a year of so ago. They wanted to add some fun for the launch of their C-Caf Cream.

For this look I used a pot of pigment from Give Face – I used Cos Play Polypigment (NB this does contain polyester) and a flat liner brush. One of my favourite brushes is the Nanshy Angled Detailer. Use this wet in any eyeshadow or pigment pot and your liner possibilities are endless!

Make sure you ‘push’ the colour right into your lash line and if doing a flick look straight into your mirror to get your shape right.

Of course coloured pencils are a great way to add a flash of colour too. I’m a big fan of the Benecos ones.

Here are some ideas for other colours!!

Are you a fan of coloured eyeliner?

coloured eyeliner
  1. I think tyhey give younger people a fresh and modern lookmbut personally I am too old to wear coloured eyeliner(55) sonI stick to black or aubergine but i would never go without.

  2. Hey Sibylle, thanks for your comment! What about a dark blue or dark green? That way it’s not in your face so to speak but a gentle lift and something different if you fancy it!

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