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make-up tips for hooded eyes

When ever I do a make-up lesson, I always include follow up notes with diagrams to help explain things a little further. I’ve been doing a few virtual lessons recently and realised that I didn’t have anything specifically for different eye shapes. So I’ve been doing some more, starting with this one for hooded eyes.

With a hooded eye there is a layer of skin that comes down over the socket line, with this shape eye it can sometimes be trickier to do make-up as often what you do will disappear when you open you eye – so my top tip is to do your eye make-up with your eyes open; that way you can see exactly what the make-up will do. Every eye shape can actually benefit from doing make-up this way. If doing a liner for example, relax your eyes and mark in your shape – if you stretch the skin here, the shape will change as soon as you let the skin go. Once you’ve marked in your shape, you can stretch if it makes it easier to fill in your shape.

I’ve done some simple basic tips for enhancing hooded eyes in the diagram below, hope they help. I’ve said to avoid anything too shimmery on the middle of the hooded part of the eye as it will highlight it therefore making it more prominent and a bit heavier, but shimmer on the inner corners is really great to open and brighten.

Let me know if they help! What are your top tips?

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