5 minutes with Alice from Kyushi Skincare..

I was first introduced to Kyushi skincare by the wonderful Ailish from the Glow Getter. I had the Chamomile and Helichrysum Face Oil and loved it. I then met Alice Moore, the brand’s founder at a Soil Association event and learnt she was a make-up artist as well, greening her kit like me. We swapped skincare training advice too – Alice is also a certified facialist, a facial reflexologist and IIN certified Health Coach. She believes that the skin is a huge indicator for the balance of of the body. A high stress job and her own skin concerns led Alice to train in organic skincare formulation, and launch Kyushi Skincare, a range of four beautiful face oils. As well as look after skin, these oils are designed to help boost energy, alleviate stress and help create a deep restorative sleep. The oils are becoming really popular and three recently won Beauty Shortlist Awards! I’ve been fortunate enough to try all four recently – it’s very difficult to pick a favourite but the Jasmine, Lavender and Cedar Wood have been wonderful at night.. Alice very kindly answered some questions for the blog…

What does organic mean to you?

The word organic to me means an ingredient in its natural state, untampered by humans through the use of man made chemical substances. 

Why is organic beauty important?

Whilst every ingredient in Kyushi Skincare is not organic due to extraction methods, I have always tried to use ingredients as close to their natural state as I can. I feel the same way about the food I put in my body as I do about the products I use on my skin; I want them to serve me, to nourish me and bring me joy. I think the organic & natural beauty movement is an amazing thing as it has given the consumer a choice, but I do think a lot of consumers are confused as to what to buy, especially through the green washing movement. I think people like yourself are amazing as educators to help people navigate their way through all the options available. Either way I think it’s amazing that there are so many organic & natural products available now – ones that actually work as well as the mainstream counterparts, and are beneficial to the body rather than potentially harmful. I also love that they are mostly small businesses grown from love, and wanting to create positive change in the world. 

What beauty product couldn’t you live without?

Oh that’s such a difficult question, this is probably the worst reply but I genuinely couldn’t live without my own Kyushi Chamomile and Helichrysum face oil. It’s happened while I’ve been on the road and my skin does not thank me for being underprepared! 
Outside of my own brand probably my Sappho mascara. 

What is inside your make-up bag?Oh it’s SO streamlined now, this is because I travel a lot. My personal makeup bag doesn’t look like it belongs to a make up artist, I don’t even think I have a red lipstick in there anymore. Shocking! 
Ok here we go I have : RMS UnCover, with a couple of blobs of the RMS foundation in 11 and 22 in the pot too…space saver. Suntegrity 5 in 1 tinted moisturiser – I love this brand’s ethos too. RMS Lip2Cheek in Paradise, RMS Luminizer, Inika brow gel, Sappho mascara & Inika mascara – these two I layer up together. I also have Zulu Luxe liquid eyeliner – which I do pop in my handbag to reapply the corners during the day. Finally some eyelash curlers, there’s not even a brush in sight anymore! The perfect grab and go makeup bag now. 

What is the best piece of beauty advice that you were given and by whom?

It’s not really advice but my mum always had a skincare ritual, in that she always took her makeup off properly and taught me to do the same; she always looked after her skin so I learnt from her. I had my first facial at 13, paid for by my part time job in a coffee shop and I haven’t stopped since. I’ve never felt any guilt around self care, I think my facialist is as important as my dentist, maybe that will change if I have children? 

Do you have a skin care ritual?

I do. In the morning I don’t cleanse, this is because I always make sure I have clean pillowcases (silk) and I don’t feel like my skin is dirty when I wake up; I’ve found my skin is better for it. So just a splash of water in the shower, a spritz of Tara harper floral essence then Kyushi Chamomile & Helichrysum with lots of lymphatic drainage, facial massage and deep breathing – it’s my me moment for sure. I always give my skin some time to enjoy its skincare before I go on with my makeup if I can.
In the evening, I double cleanse with my own cleanser, which I may share with the world one day fingers crossed, and a warm clean face cloth. Then I use some serums on rotation, Vitamin C, Vitamin A and glycolic, followed by one of the Kyushi Face oils. I normally use Jasmine Lavender & Cederwood with some Power of Ten, which I keep next to my bed so I can really enjoy the ritual in comfort – it’s a new thing but I love it.

Kyushi Skincare

What is your favourite skincare ingredient?

Ooo that’s such a tricky question too. Squalane oil derived from olives I think I would have to say, that’s up there closely followed by frankincense.

How can we understand our skin better?

By understanding our hormones and tracking our hormones. (Alice recommended this book Period Power, and since reading I highly recommend too!) Listening to the messages our body is giving us when we eat or drink certain foods. This really helps to understand the inner workings of your body, in turn you become your own doctor and fully understand why every breakout or change in texture is happening. Then you can learn how to fix it or at least how to avoid it next time. 

As we head into spring, should we be switching our skin routines up?

Personally I believe as humans our bodies are constantly evolving and changing due to so may things. Weather and the time of year absolutely plays its part, but so do our hormones, food choices, stress levels and sleep. When I was creating Kyushi I wanted to create a toolbox to dip in and out of; if your skin is inflamed you reach for Chamomile, if it’s dry you reach for Jasmine. If skin is dull you reach for Orange and if you want to supercharge you reach for the Power of Ten. That way you have total control over your ever changing skin. 

What is the worst culprit for zapping our glow?

Ooo that’s a strong toss up between lack of sleep, constant high stress, hydration levels and the amount of veggies you’re getting in a day. 

What should we all be eating daily to make our skin radiant?

Greens, greens, greens, and any nutrient dense vegetable. You cannot overdose on good quality vegetables within a well balanced diet. I see a noticeable difference in my own skin personally when I stop taking my omega 3 supplements too. 

Thank you so much Alice for these wonderful answers and kind words!!

I hope they were beneficial to you too.. Are you a fan of Kyushi Skincare yet? Alice’s wellness site Kyushi Wellness is definitely worth a visit to learn more about what she can offer, also some really great blog posts..