Having fun with cream blusher..

Last week I had some fun shooting some beauty images with my great friend Khandiz for her brilliant platform Untainted Magazine. The theme for this issue is Icons and Iconoclasts, and the idea for this shoot stemmed from the fact that cream blusher is one of my iconic products. I use and recommend them so much. For this first shot on gorgeous Cindy Dos Reis, I used Ere Perez Carrot Colour pot in Hello. I love these little pots of colour!

cream blusher

For this following shot I intensified the blush with an orange lipstick – Piha Beach Tangerine from Antipodes. Lipsticks are great to use as cream blush and indeed would have been before cream blusher was invented! For the colour on the eyes I used a lipstick too – RMS Beauty’s Sweet Nothing. It’s great to step outside the box and think of products a little differently – not just what we’re told to do with them when we buy them. Multi-using products is a great way to get more out of them…

The colour on the lips is Absolution Rouge Bordeaux with a gloss over the top, I’ve actually used this for an eyeshadow too. When used as eyeshadows, they would crease a bit, but you can always set a bit with a powder product.

The splash of orange in this look below is the Antipodes lipstick that I used for blush. The liner is Jane Iredale. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be available any more :(… new eyeliner currently in research..

We wanted to create a blush in a non-conventional colour so made this green one by mixing a Give Face pigment with a moisturiser. (this particular pigment is Cosplay and does contain polyester, however they do pure mineral pigment too) Mixing is a wonderful way to custom make your own products. Mix pigment into lip glosses and cream eyeshadows, or mix shimmer pigment into moisturiser to create a gorgeous glow.

cream blusher

With a little imagination and play, there is a lot that you can do with the make-up you already have in your make-up bag.

All photography by Khandiz for Untainted Mag. Gorgeous Cindy from Milk Management

Do you love a cream blush? What are your favourites?