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Pfeffer Sal facials

Pfeffer Sal facial..

On my wish list of things to do, a regular facial is always there (along with daily yoga) although neither happens that often!! So when I had a facial at Pfeffer Sal last week it was a real treat. I met Andrea Pfeffer when we were both on a panel talk at Reve en Vert talking about natural beauty.

I really like Andrea’s approach to beauty, it’s not about judging anyone for what they do or don’t do, it’s about encouraging women (and men) to look after their skin by concentrating on the good. The clinic offers cutting edge treatments used along side clean product brands like Esse and also advice on lifestyle, because that is essential to skin health too.

Pfeffer Sal Facial

I haven’t had a good facial in a long time so it was really nice to have someone else look at my skin, and I mean really look at it, from a professional point of view. I do try to look after my skin, but it is always helpful to have someone else tell me how it is looking and give me advice on what I can further or do different.

After cleansing I had a skin scan that looks at your skin on different levels. I was bit nervous (!!) but it’s really interesting. The scan tells you about things like oil production, congestion, dehydration and sundamage. Apparently I’ve been good with the spf (phew!) although there is still some damage, I knew that as I’ve got visible pigmentation now on one side (my driving side!!) I’ve got a quite a lot of redness but seems to be quite superficial and just on the top layers (could be lasered I’m told..)

I’m definitely dehydrated, this shows up as lots of fine lines, which again I knew but interesting to see it on a scan.  I’ve been testing lots of lovely facial oils, but for me I know I need more – I need a serum with something like hyaluronic acid as well. There are some real lines coming though… Interesting to see the congestion too, along with the bacteria that could be contributing to it…

So after a little explanation and chat, it’s into the facial 🙂 A lovely massage was followed by exfoliation with steam and quite a bit of (eye watering) extraction – my nose does tend to get clogged. On talking with my therapist, it was interesting to hear that a high percentage of her clients come in mainly for extractions – living in London is officially not good for our skin. Air pollution – also that air down in the tube – is causing issues with skin.

Tip – A good double cleanse is essential after being in town, but also deep cleansing clay masks. Salicylic acid is also good for helping – it is a beta hydroxy acid, it can really get into the pores and help cleanse them out.

Pfeffer Sal Facial

A mask was then applied – two actually – a cleansing clay one on my t-zone and an omega rich one for the rest of my face, while I had a lovely shoulder massage. Then a custom made vitamin serum was applied with penetration enhanced by some electrical device (I think!)

Then the LED lights – now I’ve heard a lot about these but never experienced it until now. They were very bright to start with and I almost had an urge to open my eyes (googles were put over them to protect them) but as I relaxed, I’m sure I had a little snooze…. like a little sleep on a beach.. LED light therapy is great for all skin types, it can help heal skin, calm inflammation and stimulate collagen. It is also great for acne prone skins. (I think I’d go back for more)

I went home glowing for sure, my skin felt and looked great. I was warned that I might suffer from a few breakouts in the following days but luckily I didn’t and my skin definitely felt clearer.


Facials may feel like a decadence but I definitely do feel the benefits whenever I’m lucky enough to have one. (The relaxation of just lying down for an hour in a warm bed is a luxury!) They can be a really great way to help you understand your skin a little more, so many skins can be confusing at the best of times. My facial last week helped me to assess what I’m doing – I’m on the right path but have a few things to introduce. A regular facial can really help to maintain skin health (note to self!!).

As aftercare I was recommended Vitamins A, B and C for my skin. Vitamin C is one of the most potent antioxidants. It destroys free radicals, encourages collagen synthesis, reduces pigmentation and has a brightening effect on the skin. Great to apply in the morning for protection during the day. At the moment I’m planning to add in more Vit C, as well as a regular cleansing mask and more hydration.

I was very kindly gifted this facial (I had the Essential Facial), but I often ask for vouchers for birthdays and Christmas so that I can put them towards things like facials (and yoga). Perhaps a good idea if you’re stuck for any gifts this year?

Are you a fan of facials?