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Fresh dewy skin – get the look..

I have had a few requests on how to recreate one of the looks I recently put on my Instagram. This is one of the looks I always love to create, fresh dewy skin, I never bore of it!

fresh dewy skin
Daisy and Hammie @ Select shot by Iain Crawford

It all starts with the skin. When choosing your skincare it must of course be suited to your skin type and any concerns you might have, but you must also consider what type of finish you would like for your make-up. For example if you want a dewy look, using mattifying skin care will go against what you are trying to create.

I love to use a (plant) oil when creating fresh dewy skin. After cleansing, I’ll massage one into the complexion – the massage will really help to get the blood flowing which in turn will help with your radiant look.

For this particular look I used BYBI Beauty’s Strawberry Oil which is one of my absolute favourites. It is designed to be a booster product to mix in with anything, I use it directly on the skin as well as a mixer. It is almost a dry oil, it gives the dewiness but without feeling too sticky or greasy. Beauty Cleanse Skincare’s Mean Green Superfood Drops are also great – they contain broccoli oil, which is often referred to as nature’s alternative to silicone.

Squalane is also a really nice one to use under make-up if you’re not so keen on an oil – I’ve recently been using one from Biossance and love it. I also love these kinds of products for refreshing make-up later in the day. A couple of drops just stippled over the cheekbones and other high points of the face can lift skin way more than applying more make-up. (Weleda’s Skin Food is also fab for this – adds an instant dew and great for looking after skin in this cold weather!!)

As well as applying directly to the skin, I often mix oils into foundations. I find this helps to give base products a lovely glow, but also helps them to sit better on skin. Sometimes foundations can sit heavy on the skin and you can see them, however mixing something like this in can help it become almost part of the skin..

For the looks above I mixed the strawberry oil with Kjaer Weis’ cream foundation. Some people find this too thick on its own, mix it in with an oil though and I find it becomes much more pliable. I’ll often use it ‘neat’ afterwards on a small brush as a concealer.

The blusher is a cream – my favourite!! A must for fresh dewy skin 🙂 I love to use a cream blusher because it gives the skin that healthy from within look, rather than just blusher sitting on the face. For these looks I used Ere Perez colour pot in Harmony mixed with a little bit of Kjaer Weis’ Joy. I like to apply with one finger and then blend with a clean finger, I’ll also use whatever brush I used to apply the foundation (with just the remains left on) to soften any edges if needed. Apply up and along the cheekbones to lift the face, or apply more to the apples of the cheeks for a fresh glow.

If you would like to add more highlight, then choose something without glitter – I find bigger particles of glitter can start to clump together on the face. Go for something that just adds a dew – I love Manasi 7’s Strobelighter or one of the RMS luminizers – I love the the powder one too.

When doing a highlight, it should be seamless – you don’t want to see where it starts or where it finishes. So blend well, even if you almost blend away and then add some more and blend – it will be much better than a stripe..

If you want to use setting powder, be strategic with it – perhaps just under the eyes if you’ve concealed and a dusting down the t-zone.

For the eyes I used a light wash of Kjaer Weis powder eyeshadow in Charmed, it gives the eyes a gentle contour. It’s always nice to put a pop of highlight in the inner corners of the eyes to help brighten. CURL lashes 🙂 this makes such a difference. Brush brows too.

For lips I used a Benecos lipstick in Peach mixed with an RMS one – I think..

Would you wear this look? Let me know if you give it a go!

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