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Garnier, the Soil Association and Organic Beauty..

The market of organic beauty can be a confusing one, especially for those who aren’t quite sure exactly what they are looking for. Having a logo on products that are certified organic, makes it so much easier for the consumer – certification is a great thing there is no doubt. So it was very interesting when Garnier launched a Soil Association certified organic skincare earlier in the year, and it sparked so many thoughts and mixed opinions. Many were for it, many not quite so keen..

When a big brand comes in with these new credentials, I guess it’s only right that people are suspicious. It’s all very well launching new organic products but what about the rest of the company’s ethics and product lines? Garnier doesn’t exactly have a great track record when it comes to animal testing for example. Many people perhaps question the integrity of the brand. Are they doing it for genuine reasons or is just to keep up with the latest trends. Are they planning to change the rest of their product lines – or will the rest just carry on as usual? I personally believe we need these big brands to help make big change, but they need to want to change everything surely, not just have these ‘token’ lines..

So many of the big brands are creating more natural lines, which of course is a step in the right direction – but are they really being transparent in what they are offering? Are they true natural lines (what is a true natural line??) or is it just a box ticking exercise.. I respect Garnier for doing it properly and getting the Soil Association certification. Whatever you think of the brand, all those products in the organic line have passed the vigorous Soil Association criteria. Of course the rest of the products in the other lines should not be confused with these – the Soil Association isn’t certifying Garnier, just the products. Interestingly Natrue do not allow just one product in a range to be certified, at least 75% of the whole range needs to be certified.

Garnier organic beauty

I completely understand that smaller organic beauty brands would be wary of this move by Garnier. Those real genuine brands that have been striving to do their best with perhaps limited resources; often putting their values before profit – is Garnier undermining their values?

I see and hear many comments on organic being only for those with money – it is true many organic products can be expensive – (many reasons – another discussion!) However I do welcome organic products that are more affordable and accessible for all. The question could then be – how can they make it cheaper? What are they using – what is the quality, is it sustainable? On the other side again, if bigger brands are buying these ingredients – is this demand making them more available for all – just making them normal – organic would be conventional..

Isn’t that what we’re trying to do in this green community – make organic beauty normal and accessible for everyone? I’ll often recommend something and I’ll get asked – can I get it in Superdrug? Usually the answer is no, and perhaps the interest is lost.. I think it is great that there is a range on the high street. In ‘conventional’ beauty there are varying ranges – budget, highend, niche – surely we need that in the organic market too.

Let us not forget Garnier have their TerraCycle recycling scheme too, which I think is brilliant. We do need these big companies to take responsibility and take action.

Like everything it comes down to your personal beliefs and then you can make your own conscious decision as to what is right for you.

I’ve used the Argan Hydrating Mist and I had the Multi-Use Rescue Balm, both were actually very nice – I bought them both from Superdrug. I gave the balm to my boyfriend as he was suffering with dry hands and he is still using it which is surely a good sign! (the toner in the picture, I’ve just been gifted this week and will give a go)

Would love to know your thoughts!!