Weleda make-up artist masterclass..

Last week I had the wonderful job of demonstrating Weleda’s new BB Creams and their lip balms to a room of make-up artists. (Quite daunting talking make-up to a group of women who already know a thing or two about it, but they were kind!)

The morning started with a talk by Jayn Sterland on conscious beauty and what it means to Weleda. It is of course about the final product and how it looks after our skin and the environment, however so much goes on behind a brand, and the journey to making a product is often unseen. Every time I hear about Weleda, I learn something new and it usually amazes me.

An actual product might take a few years to be developed, but the ingredients within it can take even longer. Weleda work so closely with the farmers, cultivating land and teaching new farming methods; sometimes helping them switch to organic which can take many years. Certain crops as well can take years to mature before they can be harvested. Weleda also help with community projects, making sure the farmers and their families live well outside of work too.

Jayn told us about Rose the leading ingredient in the Wild Rose facial range. “Weleda has become the world’s largest purchaser of fragrant Rosa Damascena and Centifolia roses, harvesting more than 400,000,000 roses each year. In order to secure these annual needs in a sustainable way, Weleda established a fairtrade project with Turkish farmers in Isparta, helping them to convert to organic methods”

We were then shown the new Weleda Harmonising Rose Facial, by the lovely Caroline Burke, a Weleda Advisor. Even just watching was relaxing. The facial is something that can be done at home on yourself for sure. If you haven’t tried anything from the Wild Rose range yet, then I’d highly recommend it!

Then it was my demo on the wonderful Lauren Doolan, Weleda’s Global Garden competition winner. First up was the BB Creams. These are very lightweight with minimal coverage. I think they’re great for younger slightly oilier skins, that first step into make-up perhaps. Other skin types can benefit from them too though, but prep skin well beforehand first – Skin Food is brilliant as a primer underneath. I like to apply with a stipple brush and push or dab them into the skin, as opposed to rubbing. They dry very quickly, so don’t apply lots at a time. There are two colours, nude and bronze – I used the bronze as a gentle blush on Lauren.

On Lauren’s eyes I used Inika’s Creme Eyeshadow in Champagne followed by their Baked Mineral Illuminisor and Mascara. I then put a little dab of the Weleda Lip Balm in Rose on the centre of Lauren’s eyelid for a little pop of gentle pink. This can be a lovely lift to the eyes but use just a small amount! I used the Berry Red Lip Balm as a blusher which worked really well on Lauren’s skin tone – again not too much and blend well. I also used this on Lauren’s lips. There are three lip shades which can all be mixed and have multi-purposes! The nude can be used along cheekbones for a quick highlight, or just in the centre of the lips to help add volume.

Thank you for a lovely day Weleda!

Have you tried any of these products yet?