Rediscovering eyeshadow..

I had a revelation last week about eyeshadow. I’ve decided that it makes my eyes look bigger, more defined and generally better – I know I know, I should know that!!

As a make-up artist I put eyeshadow on other people a lot, and I talk about it and recommend it all the time. However, I haven’t personally worn it in a long time. My day to day look is a flick of liner along the top, with a smudge along the bottom and then a few coats of mascara. It’s easy and quick and has been fine, but my face is changing i.e getting older…

I used eyeshadow to make my eyes up a bit more last week, and just having that bit more definition in the socket line made a big difference. When I looked in the mirror in the bathroom later that day, my eyes just looked brighter, and my whole face looked more defined. It is so easy to get caught in the trap of doing the same make-up every day; we’re all time poor, but sometimes just a little tweak can be huge.

It doesn’t have to heavy, but a gentle contour in the socket line can really help to lift and open eyes. Any age can actually benefit from this, not just older eyes. Here is an old Betty tip from last year.. also remember to use matter colours in your socket line – anything shimmery will go against what you are trying to do.

I find it much easier to do my make-up with my eyes open. I’ll get my clients to keep their eyes open too, that way I can actually see what the make-up is doing to them. It’s all very well doing a beautiful eyeliner or socket line, but if it isn’t lifting or enhancing the eye, then there is no point.

So I’m going to be wearing more eyeshadow from now on…. What about you – any tweaks to your make-up routines?