Inside Out Beauty – Spirulina…

November seems to have come and gone in a blink of an eye – I actually feel like I’ve missed it. I couldn’t tell you exactly what’s happened as everything has blurred into one – a sick child, a few jobs and a belated summer break (a few days in Brighton, it rained..) have been in there somewhere.

A lot of the time I feel like time is just running away and I can’t keep up. One thing that has kept me going for sure is my daily shot of Spirulina – I say daily, I did run out for a couple of weeks but I’m back on it now and feel better for it, which is why I’m writing about it.

I have always gone through phases of having different ‘superfoods’ in my cupboard. I’ll give something a go if it comes into the limelight or I’ve read something good about it. It can also depend on what is in the penny sale in good old Holland and Barrett 😉 Sometimes though, you can take these things and not actually know or feel what they are doing for you. Spirulina however, is one that I know why I take it, and I know what it does. I’ve taken it on and off for years. I started taking it again a couple of months back, in the hope it would help my failing memory and general inability to get my words out – a good nights sleep would be the ultimate medicine but seeing that’s not happened in a while, I’m seeking other help!!

So what does it do? It gives me more energy for sure, and makes me feel better than that second cup of tea does after a sleepless night (note to self).. I’m sure it makes my skin brighter too.

I actually started this post well over a year ago just after my 5 mins with Claire Mazik aka Purely Green Beauty, in which she said, if she had to choose, Spirulina would be her favourite superfood. Claire very rightly also said that in her eyes most whole organic foods were super. However her reason for putting spirulina at the top is because..

“(it) is a complete source of nutrition. It’s high in protein and iron so super for vegetarians and vegans and is great for general health, energy, immunity and well being. It is also amazing for anti ageing, skin health and dark circles as is full of vitamins A, E and B12. It contains so many anti oxidants and is also an anti inflammatory. I like to incorporate it in to a lot of my face mask recipes too, especially for inflamed, angry or irritated skin”.

Sounds like a win win really – who doesn’t want all of those benefits?!  I’m a vegetarian so possibly lacking in B12 which could be contributing to the tiredness and foggy brain – the fact that spirulina has loads of it in it was the reason I went back to it really. All the goodness for skin is a massive added extra. Like I said I’m sure my skin is better for taking it, although I still need some work on the dark circles..

Update – I’ve been told by one of my lovely readers who is studying nutrition that the B12 in spirulina and other algae is a pseudo vitamin so very similar in structure and mimics the real thing but is inactive. It would read in the blood but wouldn’t actually go to where it was needed – a B12 supplement would be better to boost levels.. mmm thank you very much.. bit more hope for my brain 🙂

Spirulina really is a powerhouse of nutrition and you don’t need a lot to benefit – good job too many would argue as it is hardly the tastiest of things! I always have the best intentions to have a green smoothie everyday but it doesn’t seem to happen a lot. What I have been doing though is spirulina shots with apple juice which actually isn’t that bad. When I ran out I tried some chlorella shots which are bad.

So a winner for me and a staple in my diet at the moment. I think a definite Inside Out Beauty hero. I haven’t tried it in a face mask yet, like Claire uses but maybe I will…

BTW I use Kiki Health and naturya..

Anyone else a fan of spirulina? What is your Inside Out Beauty hero?


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