Juice Beauty..

Happy Halloween!! It’s the last day of October which means November tomorrow, and with that brings World Vegan Day but also World Vegan Month for the rest of the month. I’m a long standing veggie – 25 years plus – although for the last few years I’ve dabbled in a bit of fish so I guess technically I’m a pescatarian now. I’ve often thought about going vegan but have never quite got there, I don’t eat a lot of dairy these days so perhaps I could try it out…. Anyway today I’m talking vegan beauty. As much as I hope I know about green beauty, that doesn’t at all mean it is vegan, so I’m using this month to explore and brush up my knowledge on this fast growing sector..

First up I’m talking about Juice Beauty which is a vegan brand (apart from the Organic Lip Moisturiser and the Organic Facial Wash which both contain organic honey) and has been on my list to write about for ages so no time like the present!

I properly discovered this brand back in early spring. I started with the Phyto Pigments Perfecting Concealer after popping into Content with the complaint of very dark circles that couldn’t be covered! I came out with one of these and remember being impressed with its coverage and staying power. Juice Beauty began back in 2005 in California when Karen Behnke set about creating her own natural and organic skincare line.

“Karen believed that by formulating with an antioxidant and vitamin-rich organic botanical juice base, rather than petroleum derivatives or added water, and combining it with powerful skin care ingredients, it could yield equal or better results than conventional or natural products.”

hence the name Juice Beauty in case you were wondering!

The concealer is one of the most heavy duty ones I have found in the natural world, which I think is a great thing and much needed. I’d prefer to have a thicker concealer used just where is needed rather than a heavy foundation used everywhere. I’ve heard some people say it is too heavy for them, but remember textures can be always be mixed with things like moisturisers and eye creams to make them more suited to your needs. I also find this concealer needs a little warming up with fingers and then it becomes a lot more pliable. A lot of (majority of!!) the natural concealers contain coconut oil along with other oils and butters, whose textures will change according to the environment i.e in colder climates they will feel harder. Also try applying a few thinner layers, rather than one thick one, and a dusting of powder to prevent creasing under the eyes. The concealer comes in 5 shades – I tend to use Cream which is in the image above, and I have these in my kit –

From the top Fair, Buff, Cream and Medium Tawny – (There is a sand in between cream and medium tawny).

The CC Cream was a staple in my personal make-up bag throughout the summer. It gives minimal coverage but does make skin more radiant and even toned. It has a broad spectrum SPF 30 so I used mine for daily out and about sun protection, teamed with Phyto Pigments concealer where I needed coverage. These two products go exceptionally well together and also could be custom blended together to make your own tinted moisturiser. Going into winter I will still wear the CC Cream for the SPF but under something else to give me a little more coverage.

I’m a big fan of the Flawless Serum Foundation as well and I’ve heard rave reviews from other people too. Organic aloe JUICE (all in the name :)) is at the top of the ingredient list so it feels more water like as opposed to oil based – it does contain nourishing oils though so will feed skin. The texture is light and smooth thanks to coconut alkanes, which Juice uses as an alternative to silicones. It gives medium coverage that can be built up to a fuller coverage, with a satin type finish. The colour choice is good with 11 shades – I like the fact that it goes so light and not in a pink way. I recently used Fair on Birdy and it was beautiful on her skin. I’d quite like them all for my kit – they are £42 each so not the cheapest but you don’t need a lot so a bottle should last a while..

I also like the Illuminating Primer which I’ve used under a few things now and it gives my skin a nice but subtle glow. It contains the same base as the foundation so feels really smooth and light. It is colourless and disappears into skin leaving a natural radiance with no sparkle. The primer does contain bismuth oxychloride which some people can react to – my skin seems to be fine with it.

I have the blushers in my kit too and love them – they are nice and sheer and give a lovely sheen. From the top in a clockwise circle – Peony, Seashell, Orange Blossom, Flush

Juice Beauty are vegan and leaping bunny certified. They use USDA organic certified ingredients and don’t use all the usual not very nice ingredients. They have a useful list explaining what they do and don’t use and why, which is definitely worth a read. They are also doing their bit in terms of sustainability with responsible manufacturing, packaging and eco headquarter type stuff!

Have you tried Juice Beauty yet? What are your favourites?