Weleda Skin Food Facial..

It’s official, autumn is here and you can certainly feel it in the air. I love autumn so I’m happy, but unfortunately my skin is starting to show the change in seasons and not in such a good way. My hands are already starting to dry and crack – this is a problem area for me and is a sure sign that colder weather is coming.. It’s time to think about changing the skincare and upping the anti a bit with richer formulations. I need some kind of rich balm or cream in every pocket, bag and by every sink!!

Weleda’s Skin Food has been a staple in my personal beauty bag for years now as well as my professional kit, its uses are abundant. It is perhaps an idea for every household to have one especially coming into the colder months!!

In June I went up to Weleda’s HQ in Ilkeston, Derby for one of their insight days and it was lovely. I’ve been there once before but a few years ago now, so it was great for a refresher – the gardens are beautiful and the brand is a constant source of inspiration. We had a tour of the gardens in the morning and it was lovely to see two of Skin Food’s hero ingredients – chamomile and calendula being grown –

After lunch we had a demo of Weleda’s signature Skin Food facial, and we were talked through it at the same time to do it on ourselves. Despite sitting round a table in a room with lots of other people, it was unbelievably relaxing. I actually think I drifted off at one point. Afterwards my skin felt amazing and everyone glowed. It was a simple routine that could easily be achieved at home – I guess it is about making a point of taking the time out to do it. Our skin and our minds would be all the better for it I’m sure.

We drank chamomile tea too 🙂

My family and I went to Valley Fest in August and I was very lucky to experience the facial in the hands of a professional and it was so nice – especially after a night in a tent.. I was sad when it ended – I wanted to lay there for a lot longer!

Having a facial is such a treat – for our skin but also for our wellbeing. Whenever I get the chance to have one, I always say I should do this more often, however it is hard to fit things like that into our busy schedules.

Making our daily skin routines nicer and more of a ritual is something we surely can fit in though, especially as the seasons start to change and our complexions will need a little extra tlc. For a little DIY Weleda facial try double cleansing using their Almond Soothing Facial Oil first, followed by their Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion. Take the time to really massage both into the skin to deep cleanse and get the blood flowing.

If you do have more time a warm compress first can really help open the pores – during the Skin Food facial, they use either their Rosemary Bath Milk to energise skin or Lavender Bath Milk to calm skin.

Next in the facial is a massage with the almond oil again followed by applying Skin Food as a mask and just relaxing 🙂 If you’ve never tried Skin Food as a mask then please do – it is ultra nourishing and soothing. If you have a combination skin then just apply to your drier areas. Leave the mask on for as long as you want and then remove any excess. If your skin needs a real treat, try using it a night treatment and wake up with glowy skin 🙂

Another lovely use for Skin Food. Is it part of your skin regime? What are your favourites?



  1. 23rd September 2017 / 5:35 pm

    I really enjoyed the Skin Food facial too at the insight day (although having someone else do it for me sounds even better)! Agree that Skin Food should be something everyone has to hand, especially in winter x

    • Louise
      2nd October 2017 / 4:26 pm

      Ha – yes someone else doing it is a far better option 😉 Glad you’re a fan of Skin Food too – one in every pocket I think!! x