My holiday essentials for Detox Health Beauty..

Can you believe we’re two months into summer – like the rest of the year it seems to be racing away. Hopefully you’ve got lots of lovely things planned before autumn gets here!! (Autumn is actually my favourite season so I don’t mind too much.)

If you’re going away and looking for inspiration of what to pack in your beauty kit, I wrote a list of some of my favourite things for the the wonderful Detox Health Beauty. It started of as a list of five but I couldn’t do it, so I extended it to ten. There is course still more I would pack! Here is the link if you fancy a read….

I was also asked by Content Beauty for my one desert island product. This was so hard. I remember being asked this before at a talk, to which I think I said RMS Living Luminizer. Being multi-tasking and beautifying, I thought this was a good answer. We did however have a bit of a laugh, and someone else thought sunscreen would be more apt. So this time round I thought I’d be a bit more practical, so I said Juice Beauty CC Cream to look after skin and protect etc. The other green make-up artists in the feature all gave answers like lipstick and mascara – ha can’t win!! Here is the piece with some great answers 🙂

Organic Cosmetics As Chosen By Makeup Artists

What are packing for your holiday? What would your desert island product be?