Nourish London – organic skincare….

I first came across Nourish London skincare a few years back when I was working a day in Content. My mum had asked me to get her a moisturiser that wasn’t too expensive. Of course I wanted to get her a decent one that ticked all of my checklist, but it can be hard to find something that does all of that, and is also kind on the bank balance. Good organic skincare does tend to be more expensive than just regular high street brands. You will get more for your money though, as the ingredients are going to be great, and more beneficial to skin than cheaper synthetic brands. Initial cost however still plays a major part in what people can afford to use. Back to my mum – I was so impressed by the price of the Nourish range that I got her a moisturiser and a toner I think. I can’t remember the exact price but it wasn’t much more than £20 for both of them I’m sure. She loved them.

Roll on a few years and the brand has evolved, the packaging has changed and the prices have of course gone up a bit but they are still great prices. They are not cheap, you wouldn’t find them in Superdrug for example, however I really believe they are great value for money. They are certified organic which is a major plus, but they are also high-tech formulations that actually do make a difference to the condition of your skin, which is an even bigger plus. I have tried quite a few products from the range now and have been really impressed. They are starting to take over my kit and my bathroom cabinet, and I have been recommending them to a lot of people.

I’m at the age now that when I use skincare, I really want it to do something for me. I want my eye cream to get rid of fine lines and I want my serum to brighten and boost my skin. Nourish have five serums; I’ve only used the Radiance Rejuvenating Peptide Serum but it was brilliant. I saw a visible difference in my skin (read my review here) and at £22 I thought it was an absolute bargain. Good serums can cost £50 upwards which just isn’t accessible for everyone. £22 is still a lot but when you see the results, it becomes more justifiable.

In my kit I have the Skin Renew Cleanser which is going down very well. It is a creamy texture that works well to cleanse skin, but also starts to condition it too. I’ve used it on myself and I loved it, it removed my eye make-up quite easily.

I also have the Illuminating Face Shimmer in my kit which is nice to use on cheekbones for a gentle highlight. If you want to use it as an all over glow then make sure you exfoliate first, as the minerals can clump on dry areas I found. Try gently pressing it over your foundation as a finishing touch to your make-up, or later in the day to refresh it. There is a body shimmer too, but essentially they are the same so you could apply either to areas like your collarbones, shoulders etc – both are perfect for enhancing sun kissed skin.

From a personal point of view I’ve been using the Kale Anti-Ageing Eye Cream for maybe six weeks now. My dark circles are not gone (that would take a miracle) and I do still have fine lines (another miracle needed) however it does look better around my eyes. The fine lines are finer so I’ll keep going!! The cream is lightweight, a little goes a long way and make-up goes over it well – I would always recommend an eye cream before make-up by the way, it always looks better. This eye cream is £30 so arguably not cheap, but more so than other brands, and still high performance using cutting edge ingredients and technology. I think an eye cream is important as you get older because it is more targeted to that delicate area.

I’ve also been using the Argan Skin Renew Moisturiser  this feels rich but lightweight at the same time. It disappears into my skin quite readily leaving no greasiness at all, so great under make-up. Again a little goes a long way. This cream is all about repairing, protecting and hydration. My skin is definitely dehydrated – whose isn’t?! – I feel this is boosting it and it is feeling plumper. (I still use an oil underneath at night) It has a very gentle fragrance, which is actually barely there – none of what I’ve tried has had a strong fragrance. This is the highest priced facial moisturiser at £28 but there are four others at £21. Nourish did a workshop at the Soil Association actually making this moisturiser, I couldn’t make it but luckily Nat Van Zee filmed it 🙂 Watch it here.

My most recent try is of the Kale Enzymatic Exfoliator which I’ve used a few times now and like a lot. It can be used a daily cleanser or left on as a mask. It has been designed to remove urban pollution, something that so many of our skins are subject to. It feels like a gentle scrub on the skin and leaves it smoother and brighter for sure. Exfoliators are great products because you get quite instant results, and they help everything else work that little bit better too.

I’m loving the kale element – makes me feel slightly better that I’m not eating enough of it!!

These are just a few of the products from the range, there is a huge choice to suit lots of different skin types and concerns which is brilliant. It is Soil Association certified organic, completely vegan and made here in London. I’ve become a huge fan. I love that it is proving that organic skincare can be high-tech and give great results but also not astronomically expensive.

Have you tried anything from the range yet – what do you think?