How do you cleanse?

A couple of weeks ago it was the Soil Association’s Organic Beauty and Wellbeing week and I managed to get along to Therapi Honey Skincare’s workshop. I’ve been a fan of the range for a long time now, so it was lovely to go along and learn a bit more about them. I must admit I thought we were just going to be talking a bit more about the range and the importance of bees; I didn’t realise we’d actually be giving ourselves a mini facial. Once I’d got over the fact that my eyebrows were going to come off, I relaxed and got stuck in 😉

The workshop was done in conjunction with Bhuti who have an exclusive on the new Therapi HoneyBee Facial, and Becky Crisp of Wild Spirit Naturally who performs the facial. Samantha from Bhuti led us into a more relaxed state using the humming bee breath – we covered our eyes and literally hummed like bees. It was good – Tanya from Therapi wanted us to use our senses like the bees. She gave us some different scents to smell and honey to taste. Honey will have different flavours and properties depending on where the bees have been. Tree honey will in general be more powerful in terms of medicinal benefits – if you think of their life force this makes sense – trees can live for hundreds of years.

Becky then began to talk us through the facial. She asked about our personal daily cleansing routines, for example did we double cleanse? I kind of put my hand up… I know about the importance of double cleansing, especially wearing make-up and living in London, but do I actually do it? It was here that I realised my skincare routine, although using good products, had become a bit lapse. It had become that thing that I realised I still had to do, just as I was about to go bed, so it was a chore. Becky spoke about how we could turn those few minutes into a little ritual that actually gave us enjoyment and a bit of pampering. She also suggested doing it earlier in the night as opposed to last thing when it was a slap dash attempt.

During the workshop we cleansed first with an oil, gently massaging it in, then removed with a warm flannel. Next we cleansed using Therapi’s Honey Gel Cleanser and a konjac sponge – this felt great on the skin and gave a good cleanse. Tanya has given me one of these before so I should be using it!! We did a honey mask which was lovely on the skin, not sticky at all. I felt my face warm up a little bit, but in a nice felt-like-it-was doing something way. We removed with a hot flannel and then spritzed on some toner – I used the Rose Otto, which I love. Then we applied our chosen moisturiser, I used Propolis Ultra Radiance Cream which is my favourite. It was not a complicated routine – daily skincare doesn’t need to be – you could do it without the mask in five minutes no problem. My skin felt lovely afterwards and had a nice glow.

So, since that workshop I have been doing it 🙂 I have made it into a nice ritual instead of that chore at the end of the night, and it is much better for me and for my skin. My sponge is hanging on the back of my bathroom door, drying after each use 🙂 Becky also said to say something nice to yourself while doing it. This sounds a bit silly to start but it is actually quite nice to be nice to yourself 🙂 Looking after ourselves is important but it can often drop down on our to-do list. After a long day taking just 5 minutes to cleanse away the daily dirt and grime from our face is good, it can also help to let any worries of the day wash away too. Taking that little bit of extra care will show in your skin for sure, leaving it clearer and brighter and who doesn’t want that?

How do you cleanse? Do you have a cleansing ritual?



  1. 8th June 2017 / 8:38 am

    i love cleansing so it’s not a chore for me at all. I tend to use oil and balm cleansers at night so i’m forced to take my time and double cleanse as well as throw in a little relaxing massage.

    • Louise
      13th June 2017 / 9:40 pm

      It’s not a chore for me any more either 🙂 yes love oil and balm textures too – I feel they work better for my skin. Thank you for reading 🙂