A meeting with Lisa Bronner…

I’ve been a fan of Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap for a looong time now – I can’t actually remember who introduced me to the brand or when it happened either. However I do know it has been a staple in my household for a while. I met Michael Bronner, grandson of the legendary Dr Bronner, back in 2011 when he was visiting the UK, and it was so inspiring to hear about the brand. Fast forward 6 years and it was amazing to meet Lisa Bronner, Michael’s sister. Along with their other brother David, the three have taken over the brand and are taking it from strength to strength.

I met Lisa last month when she was on a press trip over here and it was brilliant to hear about her journey into green living, and also more about what the brand are doing. For anyone who doesn’t know; Dr Bronner’s are organic, Fairtrade and sustainable but to an unbelievable level. When they couldn’t find enough Fairtrade coconuts to meet their demand, they opened up their own project in Sri Lanka, which has become the world’s number one source of certified organic and Fairtrade coconut oil. Sustainability is also key with no part of the coconut going to waste, even the husks are burnt for fuel. Named by the workers there, Serendipol, means happy coconut 🙂

If you would like to read more about my meeting with Lisa then head over to Psychologies magazine 🙂

Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap is a liquid castille soap that can be used to clean SO many things. We have one by all our sinks and the tea tree one is my favourite brush cleaner. Read my piece for Lisa’s top 5 ways to use it! Another multi-tasking product that is essential in my make-up kit but also in my handbag is their Lavender Hand Sanitizing Spray. This gets used for SO many things – cleaning hands obviously.. I also use it to clean and sanitize numerous things in my kit – make-up tools and brushes, work surfaces, product packaging etc. Lisa Bronner told me it is also amazing to freshen feet, it can be used as a deodorant, to freshen shoes and clothes and even as a face spray to name a few things. I recently used it as an emergency insect bite treatment and it worked a treat.

Has anyone else got any tips on how to use it? Who uses the Magic Soap?