Sustainable beauty..

Marieke Eyskoot has recently published an amazing book on sustainability. It is called DIT IS EEN GOEDE GIDS voor een duurzame lifestyle – This is a good guide for a sustainable lifestyle. It really is a beautiful book and covers all angles on sustainable living. My only issue is that it is published in Dutch and I don’t speak Dutch 🙁 However it is plain to see that it is well worth a read and I have everything crossed that it will be published in English 🙂

So why am I writing about it? The lovely Marieke has featured me in her beauty section which I was so pleased about. She asked me a variety of questions about sustainability in my work, from label reading to my favourite products. It was great to think about and to answer Marieke’s questions. I think sometimes you think you’re doing as much as you can, but it is all so easy for things to creep in and maybe you’re not as green as you think you are. Or you could be doing a little more to help the environment for example. I know my plastic recycling box has been getting far too full these days – I don’t know where it all comes from..

I thought I’d share some of the suggestions I gave for making your beauty regime a bit more sustainable..

  • Research brands and choose those that source their ingredients responsibly – organic, natural and wildcrafted will have the best respect for nature.
  • Choose brands that include Fairtrade ingredients too.
  • Avoid products with mineral oil and other petroleum derivatives.
  • Avoid products with palm oil.
  • Choose brands that have responsible packaging and try to keep a low carbon footprint.
  • Try and choose products in glass bottles – although glass is not always the best option as it is heavy and breakable – whatever you choose recycle your empties and choose brands that think well about their packaging.
  • Choose organic cotton make-up wipes and organic cotton wool pads and buds.
  • Choose cotton buds with paper stems.
  • Choose Fairtrade cotton wool pads.
  • Muslin cloths are brilliant for cleansing skin and can be reused many times.
  • Washable cotton pads are also easy to incorporate into your routine.
  • Try samples first to make sure you like the products – saves you money but also saves them just siting on the shelf!
  • Use recycled tissues.
  • Choose make-up, hair and body brushes with sustainable wooden/bamboo handles instead of plastic.
  • Look for brands that offer refillable packaging
  • Avoid products that contain microbeads (a great ban coming into force now) and triclosan – it is not just about what effects are skin – think about products that get washed down the plughole. Many can have devastating effects on marine life.

I’m sure there are many more – can you add some more to the list? Or what are your thoughts of anything already on the list?


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