Nanshy make-up brushes..

When applying make-up I’m definitely hands on – I like to use a lot of creamy products so the warmth of my fingers helps with the application. I also love to use brushes as well though, the right brush can make everything so much easier.

When I teach make-up I always say to the students to think about why they are using that brush – what effect are they trying to create? If you’re applying make-up to a small area, use a smaller brush. Likewise if you’re sweeping eyeshadow over the entire eyelid, go for a bigger brush rather than a smaller precision brush. If you want to create a soft curved socket line, choose a rounded brush over something angled, otherwise you might end up with more of an angled look.

In my kit, I still do have animal hair brushes – I’ve had them from years back, however anything new needs to be synthetic. I’m not a vegan but I think animal hair brushes can be such a grey area, choosing synthetic takes away any doubts about animal cruelty. I wrote a little post last spring if you fancy a read when I contributed to a Get The Gloss feature.

I was recently sent some new ones to try from a brand called Nanshy, their brushes are 100% vegan and PETA approved. The bristles are made out of a nylon synthetic material also known as Taklon and the handles are made from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) birch wood – the wood is sourced from forests that maintain their biodiversity. The line was actually started because of a skin condition; hair bristles were irritating Paula Pokora’s eczema, so she started her own line of synthetic brushes which were kinder on her skin. This is something that actually gets overlooked quite a lot I think, but many people have allergies to animal hair..

The Nanshy range is quite vast with around 25 different brushes, each available in a white or black finished handle which is nice to have the option! You can buy them in various sets or each brush individually. The sets are really good value – £50 for a set of 12 or on their own the brushes are nearly all under £10.

So are they any good?

I’ve been trying them at work and on myself and I really like them. The handles are a good shape and feel comfortable to hold. The bristles are nice and soft and pick product up well. They also clean really well which is important in a brush – soap rinses easily and they hold their shape.

So far I think these two above are my favourites – the angled detailer and flat definer – they’re both great for lining the eyes. I also love the blusher brush and the blush and bronze brush – this one is a great shape and fits brilliantly into the cheek contours to blend.

Have you tried them yet? What are your favourite brushes?